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  1. I think I achieved brisket nirvana. I love to smoke and with only 3 of us I do a lot of odds and ends and when I do brisket it is typically a flat since I can get various sizes of flats at the local supermarket. It is also always a select, since that's what I can get.  Last weekend I got lucky and found a small point and it came out so good that I was resolved to go ahead and do a packer next. Heck it will just be the neighbors lucky day since I will likely have more than I can eat. 

    Well....I visited a meat market on the way home from the airport friday night and lo and behold there looking purty was a small prime packer weighing 9 lbs. with my name on it. 

    Here she is after snipped off a small part of the flat so I could fit it into the #2:

    Rubbed her down with my patented rub and rested her in the fridge for a few hours. At 10pm I loaded up the AMNPS with mesquite and hickory pellets, lit em up and put it in the #2 with the lovely brisky. 

    The #2 with the AMNPS doing its thing:

    Smoked at 210* until 165*IT and kicked it up to 235* until 198* IT in the flat. Occurred at about noon today. I wrapped her in foil for the obligatory 2 hr rest. No way I was cheating on this piece of prime loveliness. 

    Here she is in all her glory: 

    The pics of the flat do not do justice. It was not the least bit dry. It was perfect. 

    "Slice" of point separating on its own weight. 

    OK, the life changing part: Never again will I smoke a brisket unless it is prime (maybe I'll try an Angus if in a pinch). If at all possible I will smoke a whole packer. I will just be on the hunt for smallish ones or feed the neighbors. But clearly this is the way to go. Which I always new, but just hadn't had a reason to do a larger cut. Glad I said the hell with it and did the packer. It makes for a sensational flat and the point is truly sublime. 

    Also, I made SoFlaQuer's mustard BBQ sauce and was thoroughly impressed, though I used very, very little of it with my brisket for lunch since it was so fantastic. I'm not a big sauce person on any of my Q but I do like a few bites with a quality sauce. This is a great mustard sauce. 
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  2. c farmer

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    Man that looks good.

    You can freeze left over meat.
  3. Yeah, but there won't be any leftovers. Even the Mrs., who is just so-so with brisket, liked it. A lot.
  4. welshrarebit

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    Looks awesome!

    I read somewhere that beef won't rate out as prime unless it's an angus steer (around half angus or something).

  5. b-one

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    That looks great! Save that point for burnt ends! Our first packer I made hash with a chunk of the flat I had to cut off, then we had dinner for four from the flat, burnt ends with the point more hash from the flat and froze the last bit of flat to toss in chili!
  6. Now that I'll be doing packers mostly, I'll start experimenting just a bit. Next time I'll smoke that orphan piece and use it for chili. I have done burnt ends when I could get a point and I love em. Maybe next time I'll separate when the point is around 180* or so and make burnt ends and keep on with the flat until 195* or so. 
  7. heubrewer

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    That looks great. Sitting on a plane right now drooling
  8. oldschoolbbq

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    That's a nice looking Brisky and I see you8u didn't foil until the 'rest'. I am sooo proud it's catching on. . . back to basics , that's why I'm Oldschool.[​IMG]

    Congrats on your achievement [​IMG], and as always . . .
  9. I never wrap anything unless it is a cheap flat only. I know there are a lot or wrappers out there and if you are in a crunch for time it can help, but to me bark=BBQ. I did it a few times early on to see how ribs, and brisket would turn out, but I find it totally unnecessary. Just MHO. Again, the exception is the select grade cheap brisket flat. However, I won't be doing doing that anymore since this life changing epiphany with using a prime grade packer. 
  10. icyhot

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    You can make a select just as good as a prime. I do it all the time and mine come out just as tender and juicy.
  11. oldschoolbbq

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    Again ,tbrtt , very good[​IMG]

     And , icyhoy , just curious , do you foil[​IMG]  Doesn't matter , just curious [​IMG]

    have fun and . . .
  12. icyhot

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    I. Do mine both ways. I
  13. Looks pretty tasty to me   Good job

  14. hickorybutt

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    Look at that bark... Looks like a piece of charcoal. Mmhmm.
  15. venture

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    I think you hit it!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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