Lid temp vs control board??? HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by redjk07, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Ok I just dove into the pellet grill learning curve today and bought a Green Mountain J Bowie demo model from a dealer at a great price! Got it home and took it apart and cleaned it! Put it back together and fired it up, after it got through its start up stage I had the control temp set on 175 just to try it out, but noticed that the lid temp gauge was showing upwards of 375??? Is this right or not? I don't think it should be but don't know! I am smoking a pork butt off the weekend and do not want yo ruin it! So please help!
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    I have the DB, and I consider the dome temp gauge a "hood ornament" that looks good, but I never look at and read the temp. You will need to learn what your grate temps are at various spots (left, right, center front, back, etc.) since they can vary from controller temp and from each other and you adjust your cooks accordingly. If you're cooking a butt, or two since they usually come 2 to a cryovac pack, cook at 180 for 3-4 hours to get smoke, then up to 220 until internal temps hits 200° or so. I rotate them left to right every 4 hours during the cook or just before going to ben and then again as soon as I get up. That makes up for any temp differences and gives super results. The unit will have a temp spike at startup but should settle in after 45 mins or so.
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    Just a word of Caution...Smoking any Uncured meat at temps below 225° is ok as long as they are not Injected, De-boned or have had the surface broken in any way. At these lower temps non intact muscle can harbor Bacteria that, although they will be killed will have sufficient time to produce dangerous Toxins. Additionally, you need to figure 2.5 hours per pound with an additional 2 hours to CYA/Rest the meat. The upside is very tender juicy meat, not as significant with Pork Butts, but great for Beef...JJ
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