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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by jayace, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Decided to do a biscuit test on my LG700 that I picked up last weekend before I do a big cook of ribs tomorrow. Set the grill at 275 and left it to settle in for a while and it held the temp perfectly but my lid thermo read a steady 320. I know it's normal for the lid to read higher than the grill probe but is 45 degrees a normal variance? I don't have my Maverick yet to get some other forms of reference.

    I also did a calibration on my meat probe and in a glass of ice water it read 27 and in boiling water read 211. I'm at 3500 feet elevation so I expect my boiling temp to be off slightly.

    I did the same test with a cheap kitchen digital thermometer and the ice water read 33 and boiling water read 208.

    The cheap digital seems to be more accurate than the LG meat probe.


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    I wouldn't be very concerned about the difference between the set temp and the lid temp.  The controllers on modern pellet grills are generally calibrated to maintain the set temp at grate level, usually in the center of the pit.  Since heat rises, the lid therm will always run significantly higher than that.  Once you're able, check with your Maverick to see if the grate temps are close to the set temp.  If they are, don't worry about the lid temp.

    Just my opinion, but the readings you got when you tested your meat probe are certainly close enough for me, if it reads 211* in boiling water.  I wouldn't quibble over a 1* margin of error.  If it still bothers you, test again a few times under varying conditions (wind, ambient temperatures, etc.), then figure the average margin of temp variance.  As long as you know what that variance is, you can adjust your cooks accordingly to get the accurate desired internal meat temp your after.

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