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  1. You did a good job pat yourself on the back. Nice smoke ring. Looks Great.
  2. jcbigler

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    That looks great. Good job. 

    17.5 hours is a long smoke. Glad you made it through. 
  3. aggie94

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    Great looking brisket CaliforniaSmoke!  [​IMG]    If the wife likes it you know its good!
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  4. Got this just a week and a half ago...  USDA PRIME.

  5. humdinger

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  6. Hello.  Well GO FOR IT  waiting for the Qview!  Looks Great!  Keep Smokin!

  7. jaxrmrjmr

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    We have a Costco, but I've never seen prices that cheap on PRIME brisket.  I did, however, find an awesome package of prime filet mignon mis-marked as top sirloin.  $9.99/lbs versus about $19.99/lbs.  Just happened to be when I was buying steaks for my son's high school graduation, so he was as happy as I was!

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  8. That looks a lot more like sirloin than filet to me. Most filet, even prime is not marbled like that. The small top sirloin steaks like that are great eating though. Use to get them for 3 buck a lb about 10 years ago in Fl, don't see them here in Denver much though
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  9. demosthenes9

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    have to disagree.   Tenderloins are definitely marbled, Prime more so than choice.

  10. jarjarchef

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    They do sell a top sirloin filet. It is way cheaper and looks just like a filet mignon if trimmed. They are a little tougher and have good flavor. We use them a lot for groups that want a steak dinner, but can not afford filet mignon or NY Strip.

    Marbling is good, chunks of fat is bad. The marbling is what gives you a nice juicy mouth feel, the chunks of fat is what ends up on the side of the plates.

    This was a wagyu NY Strip. You will see the traditional fat cap on the outer edge, but you will also see the fat that is marbled throughout. The marbling is the biggest reason wagyu is so sought after.

    I cooked it the reverse seer method, it was probably the best steak I have ever tasted.
  11. mummel

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    Wow that meat looks good. Ever tried sous vide?
  12. jaxrmrjmr

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    Could be and I definitely can see the similarities in the picture, but I'm pretty sure they were filet mignon after eating them.  We eat top sirloin more than any other steak cut because of the price.  Well, that and what our store calls a "first cut strip".

    I was talking to the wife that day and said that I thought they were probably put there on purpose and meant for someone else - maybe a meat market guy helping out a friend.  I say this because I have never before or since seen that cut at Costco.  It was the only pack there and it was buried under a stack of filets.  My wife hates it, but I usually dig through everything available when buying steaks.
  13. jarjarchef

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    Yes. I like it, but prefer in the smoker over in the SousVide.

    Yes you could be onto something..... I have seen the buddy system before. I too like to did around for what I want.
  14. STOP IT!!  STOP IT!!  NO MORE PICTURES!!!!  I would KILL to get that sort of beef!!  [​IMG]   According to a restaurant waiter here a ribeye is a "fatty cut of beef".  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????  It does help keep the price down.  He MUST have only said that because they have received complaints!  WT*?  [​IMG]   What do I usually get here??  RED MEAT!  ZERO marbling!  Trimmed to death and NO connective tissue on big joints.  SO!  Here is a chunk of pure red meat with NO marbling or fat.  Smoke that!  That will have you dancing a jig!  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

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  15. smocan

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    Here's my biggest brisket yet: 17 3/4lb. I didn't trim it as the fat cap was pretty thin, about 3/8". I call him Mungo
  16. Hello Smocan.  Good luck with Mungo.  Keep Smokin!

  17. smocan

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    Here's mungo before getting wrapped and put in a cooler. It cooked fast (6hrs)but once I cut the flat I figured it out. I get local small farm grown beef and pork from my supplier and due to that the meat if very lean. I left an almost 1/2" fat cap and that kept it moist
  18. rabbithutch

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    Where do you get PRIME brisket? The best I can do here is Select.
  19. bgosnell151

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    Bought a brisket last week, but wasn't able to cook it immediately, so had to freeze it. Is that going to negatively affect it?
  20. cracker1397

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    I didn't notice any negative affects from freezing mine. I just gave it several days in the fridge to thaw out slowly and then cooked it. It was delicious.

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