Lets talk about Digital Controllers..........

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by robertwhite, Sep 14, 2014.

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    This goes along with the hopper thread, but it will be easier to read if slit.

    Out of all the main players out there, some use a "generic" digital controller, some use a PID controller and at least one (Yoder) uses a micro-controller chip & board built to their specs and programmed by an in house computer whiz.

    As with the hopper set ups, all these companies claim that their controller is the best.

    What do you think & why?
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    i have to say i would love to hear some people chime in here also. i just bought a brinkman vertical pellet smoker and the controller is a PID and worked much better than i thought it would! it holds temp dead on everytime i ahve used it so far however i like to turn the smoker on before i go to work and would really like another controller that would shut off or reduce heat once the meat got to a specified temp. was kind of thinking about the savannah controller i have heard about but i cant seem to get the company to respond back. 

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