Let's have fajitas!

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  1. I went down to our local Mexican grocery for some fajita supplies, wanted an authentic taste as I could get.  This was all wood fired grilled/griddled on my 007 cooker.

    The griddle went on the top grate and used the floating area for avocados and tortillas. It's nice getting good wood smoke on griddled food, I let it get about a 1/2 hour worth of smoke.   Definitely a tasty cook.   We used chihuahua w/ jalapeno, diced tomatoes with habanero, cilantro and lime juice.

    This cheese is sooo good, I'm gonna have to make up some chicken fajitas up this week also.  Thanks for looking!

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  2. b-one

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    Looks great!:drool Ever try to direct grill avocado slices seems like a tasty idea warming them like you do.
  3. Thanks Brian.  Never did slices, they might dry out IDK but it's nice to just warm them up and some smoke can't hurt I figure.
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    Looks great and nice setup. Was the meat pre-marinated or seasoned? Or do you have some tricks up your sleeve...JJ
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    I'd love some of that! Fajitas are a regular around here!
  6. smokinal

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    We love  fajitas too!

    Yours look fantastic!


  7. Thanks JJ, This Mexican grocery has the full meat counter so they had some fajita ingredients pre seasoned so it was ready to bring home and grill.  It's a very authentic place so I don't think I could have done any better myself.
    I'm sure a fan of them too!
    Appreciate it Al!
  8. My Stepson's girlfriend is Mexican from Arizona. Been cooking for her family and kids for 30 years. Nothing like authentic foods with authentic ingredients. She says that's the biggest problem up here in the northeast, no Mexcan grocery stores. Gets it shipped from family in Arizona. I can't wait to surprise her with a discada.
    Your fajitas look as awesome as your rig! I've been searching everywhere to try and find a straight sided barrel. If anyone can suggest an industry to look for I'm open to suggestions. I did pick up a "H" barrel so I do have something to work with but I really like the clean look of a smooth sided one. Mr Google is failing me.
  9. Those look fantastic! I'm making fajitas for about 50 or 60 people this coming weekend for my daughter in laws birthday party. I'm planning on marinating some tri tips in a fajita mojo marinade. Buying a bulk bag of fajita veggie mix from my restaurant supply house. Plan is to reverse sear the tri tips on the Santa Maria using red oak for the fire source. Thin slice the tri tips for serving.

    Hope they turn out looking as good as yours do! [​IMG]
  10. Sounds like I'm lucky to have a pretty good grocery here!   I might have a barrel source for you "If" I can find it.  Mine came from a place locally where they had plastic bags in them so it was brand new inside.
    Wow that's a lot of fajitas!  Sounds like you have a great plan, Good luck and post pics!
  11. A craigslist guy from Texas said his were sourced locally and had silicone bags in them also. Maybe its the same type of business. Thank you very much!!

  12. I know you said you wanted authentic but using chihuahuas seems a bit excessive, plus inefficient.
  13. I sprinkled on a little chihuahua so you lost me on that one.
  14. Chihuahua instead of beef. Not the greatest joke.
  15. Ha!  LOL it went right over my head!


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