Let's Get Bubbly!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Cutie Winos & Smokers! And Happy Brand New & Quite Beautiful Week!

    So I'm going through a lovely little Crémant phase right now, (pronounced CRAY-MAWN), and that did prompt me to start a thread about the bubbly which everyone prefers.

    First off, here's just a little capture of my dinner today (simple grilled camel burgers with more of those "ZOODLES" or "zucchini noodles" that are shredded in that "Vegetti" apparatus. (I warmed the noodles on the grill today however and that was grand)!

    And camel is the only meat (other than llama) that I adore GROUND! Normally I can't stand ground meat, and prefer a steak. But camel is lovely!

    OK, first those, and then the libation discussion...Enjoy!

    SO DELICIOUS! 3 minutes a side and I had my crispy seared edges and raw middle that I just crave so very much! Amazing!

    OK so on bubbles, I enjoy some very dry Champagne from time to time, (but in Champagne lingo, "DRY" means sweet, and "BRUT" means dry, and so I enjoy Brut Champagnes sometimes and from Reims - pronounced Rahntz - versus Epernay, as the Epernay Champagnes can be a little sweeter to me, a bit fizzy, and more like Ginger Ale - yes even "Dom!"

    As for Spanish "Cava," both Rosé and regular, I will drink it if offered, though am never 'wowed.' Somehow there is something missing, and it's as if I had a carbonated water and yet with flavor added.

    Prosecco does not appease me at all, and almost always is too sweet or chewy or large bubbled or just not my bag.

    But then Crémant, (a lighter style sparkling from France) does turn me on, particularly when finding a dry one!

    I recently discovered a decent Crémant at Trader Joe's (which I just had with my camel and it was fantastic even) but I am tracking down a dryer one from Alsace, France that I do love, and will happily share more about that when it arrives, if anyone wishes.

    Meanwhile, what serves you well as bubbles?

    Everyone has different taste - which keeps it exciting - and there is nothing better or worse or right or wrong - as wine is just 100% subject and don't let any snooty sommelier tell you differently! Ever!

    BUT DO SHARE what bubbly stuff you like, as it is fun to share and have everyone chirp in!

    Meanwhile, "Game On For Crémant" over here! And for camel as well! Smiles.

    Happy new and magnificent week!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah (The Bubbly One)
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  2. bearcarver

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    Another Beautiful Dish full of tastiness!!![​IMG]

    You sure got a Lucky Hubby!!!

    I gotta ask---How long ago did you make that Camel Burger?------There's a tree growing out of it !![​IMG]

    I sure could use a plate just like that !![​IMG]

    Thanks for showing, Leah,

  3. Thank you so much Bear!!!

    Yes, he's a good sport that husband guy! How many wives plate up camel, and expect such to be devoured and with praise, right? Smiles. A kind eater that one.

    But this meat is lovely indeed! Thanks so much for sharing in the tasty joy!!!

    And happy new week to you!!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
  4. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Went looking into my stuff .... AYUP , got 'em all
  5. Fantastic Knuckle47!!! So fun to see!!! I love the eclectic mix!!!!!

    And Happy Sunday!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  6. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Thank for saying "eclectic"...I brings up an odd thought to me

    what I've recently come to realize, people in groups like this have an ability to march a half-step out of sync....eclectic.

    That off beat rhythm allows insight to the differences life offers that some never think of trying....poor them

    I will say that I don't think I'm going to eat any octopus!:biggrin:
    Sorry, not much to do with bubbly.....just sayin'
  7. Indeed! (Knuckle47), and that eclectic and non-"affected' side of human nature is so attractive!

    I think that many people are caught up in life via the social circles they run in and/or wish to impress and it becomes an identity driven by ego, and also strangled by such in that they must "keep up" with things which may not authentically serve them in any way.

    The genuine spirit (or individual taste in "spirits" even, and food) of passionate and enthusiastic people, in the name of experiencing life authentically, is a pretty exciting thing!

    But then of course my editorial sentiments on such would be this way as I live in the, "Live Free Or Die" state.

    In New Hampshire grabbing life by the tentacles is a daily quite mandatory way of life you see! (Smiles).

    And with tattoos being a damn near state requirement, this domicile, for a long time anyway, has been a mostly anti-big government or more libertarian lot; (sans sales tax, motorcycle helmet laws, seat belt laws for a while, and more), and so the folk who live here do so BECAUSE they can march to that pulse which really reinvigorates them. And the people who don't "get" that, up and move.

    Funny be that, I recently came to terms with my desire to stay in New Hampshire. (And so unless some job opportunity which cannot be refused does come my way and hailing from elsewhere, I am remaining a resident in this eclectic land).

    In any event, all of that to say indeed, that I enjoyed seeing your libation!

    Happy new week!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
  8. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head.........Where does stuff like that come from ?

    either way......Bullseye !
  9. Hello there my friend! (And all of my Wino pals as I adore this group tenfold).

    And how delighted am I, that you were not disgusted by my New Hampshire "this is the deal & this is how we are - albeit we are REAL" attitude. 

    In any event, on my bed stand now, is Anthony Bourdain's "Medium Raw" which I am nibbling at each night and very slowly, only because I am moving (locally) within some days and so everything is ensconced in that, and reading is taken slowly and alas, just before falling asleep.

    That being said, there have been 3 major resonating factors for me in this enjoyable work of his, and one was his rant about the simple, humble, and AUTHENTICALLY DELICIOUS food from Sardinia for example. Here is an exact quote/text taken and thus attributed to him in the above aforementioned book of his.

    "This one's in Sardinia, and what's on your plate is the simplest thing in the world: spaghetti alla bottarga - pasta, tossed quickly with local olive oil (through which a  clove of garlic and hot pepper have briefly been dragged) and the local salt-curred mullet eggs, which are the speciality of the region."

    AND HE CONTINUES LATER (There's more text between these paragraphs but I am just pulling little parts and sharing here):

    "You wash this down with a sneakily compelling Cannonau - the local red whose rough charms have lately got a serious hold on you."


    "Mopping olive oil and a few errant fish eggs from the bottom of your plate, swilling this young and proudly no-name wine, there is nothing  you would rather be drinking."

    And so when reading Bourdain's great quips last night, I was reminded of a zany albeit FUN FOODIE GAL, who lives this way each day, (eating new and special albeit simple things, drinking incredible wine versus what's deemed "trendy" or pricy or known), and not just when "on holiday," but indeed on every day. EVEN from humble New Hampshire!

    This is from way back 8 months or so ago now; and certainly well before I ever found Bourdain's "Medium Raw" book. But I'm delighted by his taste in this particular regard, I will indeed say.

    Cheers and enjoy! - Leah

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