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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gretscher, May 5, 2008.

  1. ... I'm new here. I'm James and I am from Los Angeles, CA, the suburbs. I am 40 years of age. I have a Charbroiler with a fire box. Been smoking meat since last summer. As you can see I'm a city boy. So many people from the country at this forum I feel left out because being a city boy from LA you can't expect me to weld things and make custom smokers or customize my smoker. I do have fun at smoking. I have been lurking the boards for months now but finally joined. The boards here have been helpful to me in successfully smoking meat. I have just posted for the first time today and before this just lurked as I noted earlier but even lurking has been very helpful towards me.

    I hope to learn more as time goes by.

    By the way there are two very good BBQ places I go to in the greater Los Angeles area. So if you are coming to LA on vacation or live here try these places.

    Big Mama's Rib Shack in Pasadena, north Lake Ave. I hear they have one in Las Vegas also. Get the Cajun Fries there you won't be regretful of your order. Then there is The Spring Street Smokehouse in Los Angeles, on Spring Street in Chinatown. It's not Chinese but in Chinatown but very good surprisingly.
  2. seboke

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    Welcome aboard! You'd be surprised at how many city and burb members you'll find here!
  3. Yeah that's probably true, maybe even people from New York City. But NY and LA are entirely different places but we are both city boys. LA people are probably considered to be "country people" compared to NY people.

    Thanks and I'll learn a lot here.
  4. teeotee

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    Hi Grets Welcome, glad you quit lurking and jumped on in !!

    As for the smoker you're using that ain't important. What's important is what comes out of it. I was using an unmodded ecb for two years then had my chargriller for two years. Turned out some good q on both. Now i found this place it has made the whole smoking experience better, a little easier and more fun. Now, if you have the basic tools, ie: drill, screwdrivers and a collection of wrenches and maybe a hacksaw, then you could probably do most of the mods you see on here. Not a lot of tools needed
    Biggest thing to remember is cook according to temp and not time. Time is just a guideline and every piece of meat is different. If you haven't already, invest in a good digi therm or two.

    Once again welcome to the smf ...... enjoy
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    Welcome gretscher. I too am from Los Angeles, originally (Covina). Left when I graduated High School (83) and only go back for business and to visit family. It's nice weather and all, but way too many people for me. My siblings love it though.

    I too felt a little outa place here at first but Teeotee is right, I've done numerous mods including a new coal basket and never lifted much besides the basic hand tools. You will find that the small things can make a huge difference in Q quality. Best thing is even the mistakes taste good most of the time.

    Have fun and keep smokin.
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    Welcome to the forum! There's lots to be learned here. Plenty of experienced folks willing to help the not so experienced. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
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    Welcome to the smf.....................Lots of great people and great info here............You might want to take the 5day ecourse here its free and lots of great info on it...................
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    Welcome to SMF... and if you're resourceful, you can have the mods done for you! Even to the point of having parts made to "bolt on" as opposed to weld...or bring the smoker to LA Choppers and offer them free dinners for a little welding LOL!
  9. Welcome to SMF. Like its been stated, Not everyone here is a country boy, and not everyone has the skills or equipment to do all the mods themselves. I can't. But it doesn't mean it can't be done. Just check the threads and maybe you'll find things you can do. Remember its all trial by smoke here.
  10. gooose53

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    Welcome to the forum!!

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