Lesson learned with AMZNPS...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mtodriscoll, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Learned a new lesson with my AMZNPS last night that I thought I'd pass on to those here...

    Last night I was on Day 3 of a 3-day cold smoke for TN Smoked Country Sausage (recipe here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...ked-breakfast-sausage-1st-thread-with-q-views) in my Great Smoky Mtn. Propane Smoker. This was a cold smoke, so no heat was used - other than that generated by the AMZNPS. No chance of oxygen deprivation from the propane...

    I've been smoking for 10-12 hours overnight when the temps are in the upper 30's / low 40's and then putting them in the fridge to rest during the day when temps warm up. Repeating 3 nights in a row. I had a about 2" of unburnt pellets and a bunch of ash in the Maze from Day 2's smoke, so I just threw in some new pellets without emptying out the ashes. I think that was my mistake (not emptying out the ashes). I came out this morning to find the AMZNPS had snuffed out at the first 90-degree turn in the maze.

    I suspect it was due to the old ashes in the grates choking out the smolder. The reason I say this is because I've done many cold smokes in this smoker with not 1 problem with the AMZNPS, until now. The only change in what I've done was that I cut a corner and did not empty out the ashes from the last burn...

    So - empty out the ash before starting the next smoke!

    As for the sausage...I'm calling it 'done' and will sample some in a couple days after it's had a chance to rest in the fridge.

    Happy Smoking!

    - Matt
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    The ash is most likely the culprit. If air can't get to the pellets, it's all over.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the sausage though!

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