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  1. anyone have a LEM 15 lb stuffer . Any comments ? How does it empty out . Does it leave much meat  in the bottom of the cylinder ?

    I have a Cabelas 11 lb stuffer and although it works OK it leaves about 1 lb of meat in the bottom . The only thing you can do is make patties from the leftover meat and snack sticks or salami really doesnt taste that well cooked in a patty.
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    I have a knockoff of LEM's 5lb Stuffer and there is only a few ounces of meat left in the Tube and the depression at the bottom of the cylinder that guides the meat to the tube. I venture a guess the larger stuffer would give a similar result. The only down side is LEM does not recommend making Snack Sticks with the 15 Lb Stuffer as the piston shaft can bend...JJ
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      Looking to get a stuffer myself. I would hate to waste a lot of meat to the tube also. Any good suggestions?

  4. I have the LEM 5 lb and when stuffing SS or sticks, I take the tube off with the casing still on it and push the remainder of the meat through with a dowel.
  5. fellas ......... I'm not taking about meat in the tube ....... I'm talking about meat left in the bottom of the cylinder
  6. im with chefJJ here. I have a lem 5lb unit. there is a small depression in the bottom of the cylinder to guide the meat as JJ said. it gathers a few ounces that is impossible to shove out with the piston. as far as anything in the bottom of the cylinder, mine is clean everytime in my 5lb'er. i'm sure lem's 15lb'er is of the same quality as their 5lb unit and would leave a clean cylinder too. as JJ said, only what is in the ****guide depression and tube** is what is left over.

  7. I used my LEM 15 pound stuffer for the first time yesterday . I am 100% satisfied . It leaves nearly nothing in the cylinder . The only meat not stuffed is what is in the tube.
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    Is it possible to put a piece of plywood or something similar, under the canister to elevate it..... Then the piston could maybe push out all the meat....


    EDIT....... Well now..... guess I'm late to the party..... You could try it anyway and have 2 good stuffers.......
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  9. I actually cut a hard maple round disc the same size as the piston and put it on top of the meat in the cylinder . It helped a lot but the design of the Cabelas stuffer  still leaves lots of meat in the botton . The bottom is not flat . The bottom of the LEM 15 is pretty flat so all the meat is pushed into the tube .

    I sold the Cabelas stuffer on eBay and got a good price for it . 
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