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  1. floridasteve

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    Still working on leftover brisket meat. It hasn't been easy -- keeping family away from the meat, that is. Last night I decided to be sneaky.

    I made some gravy from the last of the drippings, added what was left of the pulled beef, some noodles and red wine and let it simmer in the skillet. Once the noodles were done I added a big dollop of sour cream. My wife walked by and asked what I was fixing, and I said, "just some hamburger helper. Want some?" She turned up her nose and walked away. She hates hamburger helper! Lol

    It may look like hamburger helper, but it sure didn't taste like hamburger helper!! And I had it ALL to myself!
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    Dang it man that looks good - nice job with the left overs and keeping the family away from it LOL 


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