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    Made some ham BBQ from leftover spiral ham scraps. Rendered down the ham pieces added Jeff's rub,apple cider vinegar,apple juice, celery, onion and some sweet baby rays. Taste great and no waste from the ham. [​IMG]

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    Nice Idea! Leftover Ham becomes an assortment of Breakfast items, from simply Fried Ham & Eggs to Omelettes, Quiche and Hash...JJ
  3. bigr314

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    don't know how the post got in this forum. Sorry
  4. Hi! That looks great!

    I never have leftovers, because I eat more than anyone I know, although I've VOWED to get in shape and try that thing called, ouch, gasp, "exercise" within the next few days or the new year anyway. Smiles.

    But such great use of leftover food indeed!

    Happy weekend!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah

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