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  1. Got Jeff's newsletter about smoking chicken in a pie pan to skip the brining step, and immediately bought two chickens from the Amishman at my local farmer's market, and did them up for company last night. They were great (I used pecan wood instead of apple, no big deal), but then our company -- my bro-in-law, a former chef -- said, you aren't gonna throw those away, are you? So we put the carcasses in a pot with an onion, some carrots, a couple tomatillos I had, and some salt, let them stew for about eight hours. Today I sliced off corn from some fresh ears, added a little salt and pepper, and cut up the leftover chicken in it. It's smelling so good I'm about to pee myself waiting to eat it.

    Mentioned this on Facebook, and a friend -- who I didn't know had a smoker! -- said he uses pork leftovers for bean soup: you don't need as much salt, he said. What other leftover stuff do you do?
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    Man , I try not to waste much! I had some ribs left over and I made chili with the meat , but I also simmered the rib bones in the slow cooker with the chili to coax out some extra flavor from those slow roasted bones.....that chili was good , too!
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    Leftover anything Smoked is good... Brisket / Pulled Pork Salads , as mentioned - Chicken soup of all kinds , smoked Veggies chopped with some Brisket or Pork makes a good Hash. 

    Chili from any Smoked Meat , leftover Chicken and Turkey Breast can be batter and "Chicken' fried for a great change of taste.

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