Le Mans Weekend Pork Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ningdynasty, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. ningdynasty

    ningdynasty Newbie

    Doing my first pork butt with my new mailbox mod for the Le Mans 24 party we're having.

    First test smoke of the pellets didn't go well so I foil taped all the ducts and added two small airflow holes in the mailbox door. Second time around we were good for 3 hours before I put it out.

    I rubbed the butt last night with Chris Lilley's rub with the addition of some all-spice, coriander and a bit more cayenne and chili powder, smells really balanced. I'll be injecting it with his injection and rubbing again before popping it in tonight.

    My maze came with a maverick so I'll be setting that up for the first time tonight as well.

    Looking forward to some good q.
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  2. nicefly

    nicefly Fire Starter

    Woah, I thought the 24 was next weekend.  Glad I saw this, I love endurance racing.  Looked at the entry list last month, forget much of it but I do remember seeing some interesting things from cars to driver lineups.

    I am doing a pork butt on Sunday.  My new equipment is a remote thermometer.  Cannot wait!

    Good luck on a good smoke!
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  3. smokin monkey

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    Used to go to Le Mans every year, went 15 years in a row!

    Good luck with you cook!
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  4. smokinal

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    Sounds great!

    Good luck with that butt!

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  5. ningdynasty

    ningdynasty Newbie

    Got the bad boy injected and rubbed a second time. Shouldn't have rerubbed the bottom as I lost some off the top when flipping it post injection.

    Fighting a bit of wind so I've had to rotate the smoker a bit, but here is my MES 30 and mailbox mod.

    Got the pellets going and here we go.
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  6. nicefly

    nicefly Fire Starter

    Lit the fire about 3am and watched the end of the race.  Very interesting stuff.  I am an Audi fan but felt bad for Toyota. Heartbreaker.

    Loved my thermometer, so cool.  Nice to watch the progression of the internal temp.  I stalled in the high 170 low 180 range but powered through.

    Ate then took a nap.  Time to heat up some more.


  7. ningdynasty

    ningdynasty Newbie

    Heartbreaker indeed. The pork was almost all devoured during the party. Photos won't upload from mobile will send them to the pc soon.

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