LBR's & Variagated White/Yellow Whole Ear Corn: Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by forluvofsmoke, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Hi again, everyone!

    I hadn't planned on posting this, but realized that there are never too many non-meat smoke posts or combos...(as it reads next to my avatar), no pre/mid smoke pics, but the finish is a dandy.

    I had a simple and easy smoke for my last day off work. Un-enhanced loin back ribs (from Sam's, in a flat tray package, hence the ends being cut off) with red bell pepper rub, smoked with apple for 30 minutes @ 225*, 30* @ 250*, then 4 hours @ 200-205*. Popped 'em into a 12" x 18" x 2" deep baking pan and covered with foil (no added liquids) for 3 more hours (8-hr ribs???...YUP!!!). While the ribs were finishing in the pan in the top-end of the Smoke Vault 24 @ 225*, I had some salt water soaked (1/2 cup kosher/2 gallons water, for 4 hours) whole ears of corn to toss into the mid-section beneath the pan of ribs while the apple chunks were still bringin' it on. Simple, easy, tasty.






    Call it whatever you like...we called it DINNER!!! LOL!!!




    I didn't get a pic of it, but once the liquids in the quickly emptied pan had cooled to room temp, it had all turned to gelatin. I've been sold on brining fresh/un-enhanced pork for a few months, but I must say, I'm now having second thoughts. Wife said they were as good as any I've made in recent months. So, dumb-founded me is thinking that if I can have smoked ribs be this easy and this good, why should I fuss with 30 minutes of brine prep and 8-24 hours soak in the fridge?

    The flavor was simply delicious, especially for a quick throw-together, and the natural juiciness of the ribs was very good as well, with a soft bark and tender chew from the long ride in the covered pan...just short of fall-off-the-bone. And to bring it all home with RBP rub and apple smoke? Yea...good stuff.

    The corn had a very subtle smoke flavor and I husked  a few ears, it began to waft through the house, and all noses were directed towards the kitchen....the wife thought it was pretty darn tasty, and she always gives me this funny look at any thought of smoking anything but meat...she keeps a pretty open mind, though. The kids thought it was pretty tasty, too.  Of course, when I drew a carving knife over a steel, they all knew chow was ready and started grabbing dinner-ware...gotta love it when your food draws a crowd! Ha-ha!

    Anyway, just another example of the KISS method....often-times, simple is better.

    Great smokes to all...enjoy!

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    Another great looking smoke Eric...
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    Mighty fine lookin grub!
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    Looks delicious Eric!   [​IMG]

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