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  1. Hi, its been a while since iv'e posted on here but a couple new questions have come up.  I know how a lot of people in the meat smoking community layer their flavors using a different rubs and spices at different times during the cooking process. Example being prior to smoking a rack of ribs a generous amount of rub is applied. After the third hour (using the 321 method), the ribs are pulled and sometimes sugar and butter are added before foiling. I am doing an experiment today trying to layer different types of wood.  I started with a cherry wood for the first hour. After the first hour, i started to blend in apple (mostly apple). During the third hour i did a hickory apple mix to finish it off before foiling.  I'm wondering if this will work as my theory suggests.  Now as many will say on the forums, after hitting a temp of 160, the meat doesn't really take on smoke anymore (some disagree of course). I did my "layering" all prior to 160 IT.  Will it make a difference doing the woods in that order or would i get the same effect just blending them all together for the first three hours? If nothing else it was a fun experiment either way.  The second question i have is about how to use the wood.  I have a Masterbuilt verticle LP.  I have always just soaked my chips and then drain off and add to the chip tray on top of the burner. I have a friend that puts them in the liquid pan. His food always comes out good but i cant really tell if the wood taste is in it. I figure maybe the flavor of the wood would get into the meat through the steam it lets off but i wasn't sure.  It kinda seems like he doesn't get the smokey taste.   What do the pros recommend ?

  2. Lets start with the smoke layer. Yes it will make a differance If you do 1 hour of this and a Hour of that and so on. The reson being meat takes on smoke at a differant rate. At different temps.So if you can break down whick wood you want to be the strongest. You can put it in that order.

    so now for the real world.Mix the wood and be done with it.

    It does no good to soak your chips. The wet chips will steam. Looking like smoke till they  dry.

     Then they will make smoke. Try using chunks for longer smoke time. You may have to split the chunks to find the size your smoker likes.

    Now wood in the water pan.... It will not produce smoke. I douught it will make much flavor change. The only time i can see soaking chunks is to add flavor to whisky. Like in a oak barrel.

    Happy smoken.


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