Laws on selling smoked turkey online

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  1. smokeysharon

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    I'm new here :) does anyone know what is required to be able to sell smoked turkeys, etc. online and across state lines?  Thanks for your help!
  2. alblancher

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    You'll probably need a food safe and certified kitchen, an approved recipe and smoking technique, knowledge of food preservatives, approval and inspection by the USDA, insurance, the list goes on.    Unless of course you just want to start a blog and hope for the best! 

    I hope someone can help you but I believe you have a lot more to know then the people on the board will be able to help you with.
  3. smokeysharon

    smokeysharon Newbie

    Thanks!  You're right, it's probably way more than what I think.  I appreciate the info :)
  4. jakrussll

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    A lot of it has to do with how big you want to get. I buy snack sticks from a small online seller who just does it in small weekend batches. He has great feedback. Product is good and price is reasonable and he does it all in his shop smoker. If you don't have a store front and just ship out then you should be fine.
  5. Not really. Get caught selling without the proper license hy a DA having a bad day or wanting to make a name for himself and you are screwed. Good chance you won't get caught but if you do you could be in for big time fines. Let someone even think they want to say your unlicensed food made them sick and they now own everything you have. Not worth the risk to me

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