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  1. I am a fan of CI but my wife mistreats it something fierce and makes it a bitch to clean. She will overheat food ( I will not say burns it when she is around because she might bludgeon me with the pan) and then let it dry in there overnight cuz she hates to do the dishes. I get stuck with it and it takes me half an hour to get it clean again so I hate dealing with it. I bought teflon pans just to keep me away from the sink as often. She uses the CI and I just let it sit. If she won't clean it, she can't use it:)

    My ex's grandmother had a CI pan that was very much teflon like. It was smooth and and when it was clean, you could almost see your reflection in the seasoning. Great pan.
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    Thanks for the video...but I did have to turn the volume off...
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    Good video. That's about the method I use except I set up an electrolysis tank for cleaning. Also I preheat to 250 then apply oil. My thought pattern is that it will soak into the hot porous metal for a deeper penetration.

    CI made before 1940 is thinner and lighter than today's CI. Which is great because it isn't as heavy and you can cook at lower temps.
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    I'm late to the party.  I just saw this thread.

    I love my CI pans.  Have three.  Two 10" skillets and a 7 qt. Dutch oven.  None of them have a CI lid though, darn it.

    The Dutch oven is Wagner ware brand, and one skillet is Griswald, and other one is... sheesh!  I can't remember now.  It's older too.

    All of them have smooth interiors, rather than the unfinished bumpy ones, like Lodge pans. 

    They were is rough shape.  I took a wire wheel and drill 1st, then sand paper, then an emery wheel to them until I clean all the crud.  Greased and baked them a few times, and started using.  I may not have known how to "properly" clean and season old CI, but my instincts did the trick anyway.  We didn't have internet back then.

    I found these over 40 years ago while camping at a small campground.  Only about 10 campsites.  I heard a loud clang one morning, and went to investigate.  I knew someone had tossed something heavy in the freshly emptied dumpster.  I peered down into the dumpster and there was these CI pans, and a box of dishes that a local resident had dumped.  Still being young enough to dumpster dive, I went to it.  Rescued the pans and a few dishes that were worthy too.

    Best investment I ever made!  Zero Money!

    Eggs slide, Steaks sear,  corn bread, and upside down pineapple cakes,  pops right out!
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    Finally got my wife using CI. Having some "sticking" issues. Pans are well seasoned, I think. She is getting them hot enough to sizzle water before using...
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    How many coating of flax seed oil do you have on them....
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    Read on another thread on here......
    ..........that canola oil is actually better than flaxseed oil. The small 9" skillet she is using had Lodges factory seasoning on it. Rubbed it with canola and heated it at least another 8 times prior to Ernestina using it. Ernie washes it after each use with just water, scrubbing it with a brush. After drying she sprays it with a canola based spray. Next use...heats it up til water sizzles and cooks with it...
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    Well, the canola oil thread was wrong..... plain and simple..... flax seed oil is the best... it hardens to a polymer hardness....
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    Will be looking for Flax Seed oil when I go to town tomorrow....
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  10. daveomak

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    Hey Ink.... Be sure to clean the pan well before you add the new oil...
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    Morning Dave....wire wheeling ok? Or should I use over cleaner? The pans are all spotlessly clean.
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    If you can't find flax seed oil at your local grocery store, try the health food store.  They should have it.   Also when you check the grocery store, check in the health food area as it's probably not going to on the same isle as crisco and other oils. Also flax seed oil is usually refrigerated at the store.

    Also here is a primer on how to properly season cast iron with flax seed oil.
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    Put it in your BBQ with full heat for an hour or so until the coating turns to charcoal... brush it out until you have just cast iron left... then you are good to go.... I would suggest put it in the kitchen oven on clean cycle but......... that could get you in trouble...
    When curing the flax seed oil, don't over heat it.... the oil is what is called a "drying oil"... 400 deg. or so, it will dry into a hard as hell polymerized finish..... VERY thin coats... wipe off all the oil you can with a paper towel, then bake with the pan upside down... repeat 4 or 5 more times ... the coating will get very shiny.... like glass......
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    Thanks for the link. Ernestina has looked for it when she has shopped, yet to find it. There is a few "health food" grocery stores in town, will check with them. I am pretty sure I seen it at Old Mothers Cupboard. Thanks for the heads up on it being chilled, we live just about an hour from them...
  15. daveomak

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    Wal Mart has it in the pharmacy... It's a health food thing.... lowers cholesterol....
  16. inkjunkie

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    Lowers cholesterol? Have an elevated muscle enzyme, doc is saying it is from the Simvastatin I take to lower cholesterol. This might be a good thing in more ways than one....
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    100% correct
  18. inkjunkie

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    Local Wallyworld didn't have it....will check the other one. I did pick up a bottle of it at Huckleberrys...almost passed out when I seen the price of it...
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    google this, if you're a prime member on Amazon you'll have it in 2 days.

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  20. inkjunkie

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    this is what I got for close to fifteen bucks. I am indeed an Amazon Prime member....thanks for the heads up....

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