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  1. Hello, haven't tuned in in a while and thought i'd share what i've been doing today since I have a day off. I decided to make some indian candy for a friend of mine going to the east coast because they don't have sockeye there and he wanted to let his mom try it out. Fired up the little chief and let her burn most of the night away untill I got up to warm up my fridge smoker for the brisket roast. So now it's a little before 7 am, the brisket is in the smoker and the salmon is away in bags ready for the big trip. I hope the pictures come out cause i don't post often and might screw it up. I will add more as the smoke moves along.
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    Great lookin' Q you'vr got going on.
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    The brisket looks great!! What are you doing with the Salmon? Is it just a regular smoke with a glaze cut into strips? I've never heard of Indian Candy.
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    Great lookin smoke you've got going on there decepticron , that salmon looks awesome !! do you have a recipe you would like to share by chance ??
  5. Indian candy is sockeye that has been candied and smoked. I like my salmon salty but you can use less salt and add water or juice if you prefer a less salty version.
    1cup sea or coarse salt (need to brine longer with coarse)
    4 cups brown sugar
    splash soy sauce
    splash lemon juice
    2 tbs black pepper
    lots of fresh garlic
    grated ginger
    The mixture should be like a thick mud. I cut the salmon into strips , skin removed, and mix into the mud. The water that comes out of the salmon will turn this into syrop after several hours. I mix the container several times over 24 hours untill the salmon has a candy like texture (gummy).
    You get less of this effect when you use a lower salt brine especially when it has lots of water but it will still work well.
    Next you dry the salmon on racks for 1 to 2 hours untill it has a sticky film all over it . Now it goes in the smoker. I am unsure of the temp but it is definitely below 200. The idea is to dry the salmon while slowly cooking. After 4-6 hours i start to glaze with a honey/scotch mop. Some pieces take longer than others but I aim for a texture somewhat like beef jerky chunks. Tender but not juicy. The great thing is that this stuff has a pretty good shelf life (several weeks referigerated) although it never seems to last that long.
  6. That recipe sounds excellent. The salmon looks real tasty. I am gonna have to try this one out.
  7. I'm sorry... I was drooling all over your salmon and forgot to say anything about the brisket. It looks real good too.[​IMG]

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