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  1. Ive noticed alot of builds using the de-sta-co type latch on the door on the smoking chamber. I am wondering why they are using the hold down style instead of the pull latch style. Is there an advantage that I am not considering?
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    Wizard, morning....   Maybe to hold the door in the event the heat makes it change shape and leak ?? I really have no idea...   just a WAG.... Dave
  3. Ive already ordered the pull latch style, hope it works out o/k.
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    I'm interested in latches

    Where did you order them from?

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  6. Be careful on size, they look bigger in the pictures than they are. I ended up getting the de-sta-co 331ss and it is a nice size for smoking chamber. The 331ss is stainless steel and I paid $30.00 for it, the non stainless 331 you can get for about $18.00 on amazon with free shipping. Every where else it was alot higher. I shopped all over the place.
  7. I ment to say, you might want to go up one size from that for the smoke box. Im using it on a 120 gallon propane tank build.
  8. Many thanks for the handle ideas!

    Now I can open and close my vertical smoker with just my elbow and knee!

    And the door fits much tighter.

    Tip: if you must drill a hole in your smoker and want to avoid the possibility of metal filings flying everywhere,
    1. Pull all the racks out first
    2. Apply a couple of layers of masking tape to drilling area - inside and outside.
    3. Have a brave person hold half a large raw potato behind where you are drilling to catch all the metal filings.
    4. De-burr and wipe it all down with a wet rag.
    5. Secure with lock washers and Loctite™ 263
    6. Fire up the smoker to loosen any grease and wipe down again and rinse.

    $4.99 at Harbor Freight
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    I am on the Harbor Freight Web site but I can't locate the clamps you show in the pictures.  What are they called?
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    The rubber foot doesnt melt?

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