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  1. Last Saturday after returning from an unsuccessful early morning of fishing I fired up the new smoker for my first real cook. I had a house full of guests from out of town that I knew would be honest about my cooking so I figured it was as good a time as any to attempt a butt roast for pulled pork to be served the next day and a rack of ribs for dinner that evening.

    I stopped off at our local meat market on the way home from fishing and bought the meat. The butt roast was 9.25lbs and the ribs were just over 5.5lbs.

    Butt roast before rubbing with Three Little Pigs


    Ribs with some local rub:


    After rubbing both (ribs were light on rub at the request of my guests there was some concern about the ladies not being able to handle the heat from cayan):


    Grill all loaded up:


    I used Kingsford Blue Bag and Hickory chunks at about 210-215F. Ribs took about 5 hours and I pulled the butt roast off at about 10 hours. I basted the ribs with local BBQ sauce about 30 minutes before pulling them off the grill and then served them with the BBQ on the side.

    Here's the ribs after I pulled them off:


    I failed to get a picture of the butt roast when it was finished and we pulled it by hand which took two of us approx 25 minutes. Both the ribs and the pulled pork went over extremely well with my guests.
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    Mmm...that looks delicious! Nicely done!


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