Last weekends pulled pork

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  1. "Any suggestions on healthy sides?"  SHHHH!!  This is not that sort of a website!  We are "family oriented"!  [​IMG]

    Definition of healthy is subjective.  Collard greens.  Coleslaw ( you can use yoghurt so I hear ).  Fresh veg is always great ( can go organic if you choose ).  Good luck.  Let us know if we can help with the pork.  I am sure it was great!  We are our own worst critics.  Keep Smokin!

  2. If you wanna speed up the process, lots of people cook pork butt at a little higher temp.  I do mine at 250-275.  I usually try to get my WSM holding steady around 260 to stay in that range.  

    My healthier side dishes usually just end up being fresh veggies.  Most veggies can be dressed up raw with some salt, pepper, lots of lemon juice/zest and some decent olive oil.  I've done yellow squash, cucumbers, asparagus, zucchini, grilled/roasted corn, you name it.  If you want something with more of a pop add some diced jalapenos or some crumbled feta.  I use a mandolin to get super thin and uniform slices and just toss them together with the dressing. 

    We'll usually have one lighter side like that, and then one heavier one.  
  3. Ok, second try at the picture of the pork :)


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