Last Pork Butt for the summer - A long tale told.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lovethemeats, Sep 15, 2016.

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    So as we are nearing the end of summer and remembering what I've learned, what new things I've tried. This summer was a success in small steps. Now I look forward to the fall and winter. Yes I said it - winter. People here have inspired me to try doing other things. Research to be done. Fun waiting. Also thinking of adding in a new smoker. Looking and deciding.

    So on to the smoking of my last pulled pork for this season.

    Found one close to 10lbs.
    Tuesday night around 9pm. Rubbed and injected with apple juice.
    Wrapped and into the fridge.
    Next day started getting ready for the all night smoke. At 10pm I warmed up the smoker to 225, got the AMNPS going 45 minutes later.
    Into the MES30 it goes. The waiting begins. Using a dual probe Maverick but waiting to put the one probe into the meat till I know its at least 140.

    7:50am Thursday morning or so. Woke up to a chirping thinking it was the Maverick. Jumped out of bed as I was going outside all I could think was my MES lost heat? Heater went bad? Oh no!!!
    Nope. Still going. So I added in the probe to the meat. 171. All good. Added some more pellets to the AMNPS to keep the smoke going. When I went back into my house and started to drink my coffee. The chirping I heard was my alarm clock I use for camping. Lol. Damn thing. Made sure its off now.

    Looking real good

    9:33am the butt hit 180. Should I wrap it? Naw. I like bark. Why take away from what was formed during the night.
    Going to ride it out till it hits 195-200. From doing other pp I found I can remove them between 195-200 and they pull apart just fine.

    2pm - Pulled out at 196. Put in a oven bag tying it tight and into the cooler it went. My Mrs won't be home till 4pm. So unto the side dish.

    And this is where I screwed up. The culprit, I rushed when I had time.

    Went and got a doz jumbo eggs,steamed them up and cooled them down. Or so I thought. Decided they were cool enough to peel. 1st egg peeled good. And that was it. Should haved stopped and let them cool more. But the impatience got the better of me and most of the rest ended up with pieces of egg coming off with the shell. Stupid me. I know better. So I took what I had and into the smoker they went. Was able to keep the Mes down to 100 still using my AMNPS. Kept them in for 1 1/2 hours.

    The finished product

    The meat: boy does it have the bark.
    Nice and juicy inside.
    The plate
    This was a awesome dinner. Now I see why people in here love smoked deviled eggs. That is the best deviled egg I have ever had. The Mrs. just loved them. This put a good end to my last pp for the year. Everything was great. And I'll be doing eggs again soon. Hope everyone as well had a great summer.
  2. b-one

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    Tasty looking butt and eggs! I like you love the bark and peel off the fat cap to get more great bark!
  3. nicefly

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    Looks great.  I had not though of smoking eggs.
  4. smokinal

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    Nice looking PP & eggs!

    Point to you for a great end to summer.

    Down here in FL we are looking forward to the cooler days & that's when our smoking season begins.

    A couple more months & the smoke will be flowing 2 or 3 days a week.

  5. mdboatbum

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    Looks like a fantastic meal! The eggs may have just been ornery. Happens sometimes when they're fresh. Now I wanna do up some pulled pork and smoked deviled eggs!
  6. disco

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    Beautiful butt, Sir!


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  7. garyhibbert

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    That's one beautiful pork butt!!!  GREAT bark.  

    Eggs can be a real pain to peel.  I was going to make smoked deviled eggs the last time I was home.  But all that was left in the fridge was 3 farm fresh eggs, and when I peeled them, there wasn't enough left to smoke.  [​IMG]    Oh well, there's always next time.


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