Last nights dinner

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by floridasteve, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Cooked it all in the smoker.
    Had some rib tips in freezer from spare ribs I had trimmed St. Louis style, so rubbed them heavily and glazed for last hour with honey & Boubon to get great bark. On top rack.

    Placed some bakers in the left and right side of rack 2 after a few hours . Coated with olive oil and kosher salt.

    After an hour or so I added the small pan of baked beans with strips of bacon to the center of rack 2

    Also added a Vadalia Onion to rack 3.

    Everything got done at the same time -- somehow. Cut the tips into chunks tossed in the rest of my glaze and more rub and called them burnt ends.

    Every was very good. I thought the burnt ends were a little sweet and regretted adding the left over glaze, but my wife thought they were perfect. I was a little disappointed in the beans. It wasn't that they weren't good, just that there wasn't that much difference from cooking them in the oven.
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    This looks awesome. 

    I am looking around, and I cant seem to find my invite to this dinner.  Probably best to just email me next time to make sure I can make it. 

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    [​IMG]  Not too bad for a young man!

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