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    My lovely wife decided for all present that she wanted "those delicious grilled chicken thighs that you do" for dinner tonite, so even though I had the beast apart and being prepped for mods, I put it all back together (If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy) and prepared to do battle.

    I took a dozen thighs, peeled the skin off (I prefer them with skin on, but I get reminded about cholesterol a lot), brushed them with olive oil, then sprinkled them liberally with rub (Jeff's). I left them alone, and started up the char-griller with chunk charcoal (oak). I let the temp build to 300, then threw in a few chunks of Hickory. Once the smoke was thin-n-blue and the temp sitting about 325, on went the thighs.


    Maintained the temp between 325 and 335 for about an hour and a quarter, after which the internal temp from 3 randomly selected pieces showed 168-170, and the result not only looked delicious, they were!
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    Geo, your chicken look well prepared and ready for the 'cook' , and everything looks nice , HOWEVER , how about some finished shots . Looks like they will be delicious , but as we say here...


    Have fun and...
  3. Thanks for your kind words...and I really don't know how to tell you this, but the second pic is the finished shot [​IMG], if you look close, you can see some heat bubbling on a couple of the thighs in the center. This was taken just after a probe test revealed they were done.  

    I didn't think of taking pics of the process until after I had them in the smoke, an oversight I wont make again. What do you normally like to see for "finished" shots?

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  4. I have to agree I thought the picture was when they were just going in the smoker too
  5. I thought they were ready to go on! LOL Wow you really rubbed them thighs but looking good

  6. Yeah, I tend to really coat them well, and because I cut back on the amount of sugar in the rub, I find the meat doesn't brown as much for a short cook.[​IMG]

    Here's a close up of the same pic

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