Last Minute Butt (Qview)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by plimtuna, Feb 9, 2015.

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    I had sent my wife to CostCo to get a full Brisket.  Unfortunately at 10 PM I go to prepare it for a smoke the first thing the next morning and find a small 4lb flat.  I prepared it and went to bed.  The next morning very disappointed I put in in the smoker and then ran to the local grocery to get a shoulder or butt to add to our meal plans.

    I picked up a 10lb butt for about $2.19/lb.  Decided to try the mustard wet rub to keep the dry rub on.  I used simple yellow mustard and used a Pensey's Galena Street rub my daughter's mother in law had given me.   Did not want to take the extra to research a recipe for my own rub.  

    My First time using the mustard as a glue.  I have to say, it works and no one ever mentioned tasting it later.  It will be my new go to rub glue.

    In the smoker with the brisket above (since it cost much more, I did not want to "taint" it with the butt juices ;-).

    Admittedly, I was in such a rush to get it in, it went in an hour after the brisket, that the rub was not uniformly applied.  Used light amounts of Apple Wood.

    Note the two probes, one is the built in one on my MES 40' and the other is extra external.  I consistently find the MES probe is 25F too hot.  

    Brisket came out at the 11 hour mark with 30 minute rest.  

    At 14 hours and 194F internal temp I pulled the butt, which broke apart when I touched it with my tongs in the smoker, Luckily had a bowl ready...

     yanked the bone in one pull and meat fell off cleanly.

    Lessons learned.

    1. Yes, you can throw a butt in at the last minute without overnight set up.  No, it will not be as flavorful, but the fans still raved.  

    2. Yellow mustard did as advertised, it held the rub and was not noted afterwards.
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  2. It all looks good. If you will rub the meat on all of the sides you can get to and wait 15 min. Then flip and rub the rest you can forget the mustard/glue.

    Happy smoken.

  3. jc87

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    Looks great! Mustard for the most part ends up steaming off since its mostly water, so it never ends up adding a taste to the meat. If you want to experiment more with a "glue" for holding rub on, try olive oil i find that works great as well. Once again great cook now i'm hungry!
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  4. Looks like good eats, I to sometime use mustard. I have been known to use cane syrup on pork to. Nice smoker and cook. CF
  5. looking good in the neighborhood,  good looking stuff there.

  6. plimtuna

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    I would suspect that using an oil based clue would prevent smoke from permeating into the meat.  Is this not an issue?
  7. crazymoon

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    P, Nice smoke ! [​IMG]
  8. Man those turned out great, love the color

  9. twoalpha

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    Some times you have to make it happen. Good looking results.
  10. hoity toit

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    I use mustard all the time on pork spare ribs and when making pastrami. If you read the ingredients is has everything you need but black pepper.
  11. tropics

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    I've used mustard it works. You did a fine job on those 2 pieces of meat.

  12. chase1300

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    Good looking smoke. I'm going thru withdrawals....I can't wait for a warm spell.
  13. b-one

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    There's no issues using oil to help hold the rub to your meat. I usually just rub it on like David said and I apply more before it goes in the smoker if needed. Save the mustard money for more meat! Tasty looking grub:drool

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