Last Minute Brisket for Sunday

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bdskelly, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Things often change around this house. Things like what to have for Sunday dinner.  I had been chatting about cooking and NCAA ball with my good friend FoamHeart.  

    Well Foam always puts me in the mood for GUMBO...  While planning the meal it was announce my oldest son who drives a train for a living and often works weekends will be off Sunday and visiting!

    Further he has requested BRISKET for his Sunday dinner and It's now 7pm Saturday! YIKES!

    I ran down to the local store and rummaged through the briskets. Hummm.

    The selection was limited due to the holiday weekend. But I found a 16 pounder with a  high peak and thick flat. So I  quickly tossed the cashier some dough and ran back to the kitchen...

    Back at the house I turned on the MES to 225 Degrees. Powdered the brisket a mixture of whatever was in the spice cabinet. ( I seldom trim them until I carve the meat) Set up the Maverick Remote Thermometer . Fired up the AMNPS. And tossed the meat into the MES.  Looked at the clock It's 8 pm. Gotter done on ONE HOUR! ...A new Record! 

    It's now 12 hours later. 8am Sunday morning.  The brisket is chugging along with an IT of 160 and the MES is holding steady at 225.  I reloaded the AMNPS and fired it up.  ...Just to have something to do.  B

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  2. bdskelly

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    14 hours in the smoke at 225 degrees.  The internal temp if the brisket is 163. 

    We're going to see if we can make this dog BARK with some mop water. 

    (Apple Cider Vinegar. Brown Sugar. Tony Chacheres. Comino. Paprika.)


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    Lookin' good already, Brian!!!

  4. Looks tasty!
  5. bdskelly

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    Thanks John.  This was supposed to be seafood gumbo today...  Oh well. 

    Case. Thanks  Happy Labor Day my friend. 

  6. Looks good B.D.  I'm eager to fire up my WSM 22.5 when we return to Texas![​IMG]
  7. bdskelly

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    Fooling around with my new instant read temp probe thingy...

    Always remember kids:

    Ebay + Being Over Served = Weird stuff showing up at the house  that you don't remember buying.  [​IMG]

    By the way. 16 hours of smoke. Internal temp is 171 degrees. 

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