Large 500 gal. Smoker/grill on trailer

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    I'm new to this site and I'm selling this for a friend that's not savy on the Internet. Im no expert on smokers so please be kind and patient and I'll do my best to answer your questions. The smoker is located at my house in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I'll be glad to show this by appointment only.

    Extra large slow Smoker/grill on trailer with storage compartments.
    Overall Length of trailer from tip of hitch to tail 15'
    Overall box is 11' length x 7'10" wide x 33" tall, the hitch is a 2 5/16" ball.
    Inside of bed area overall is 5' 2 1/2" wide x 8' 1" length
    2 - manual drop down adjustable stablizers on back of trailer
    1- Front storage compartment used for wood storage is 34" wide x 32 1/2" tall x 7' 10" wide q
    2- Side compartment 97" length x 15 deep x 17 tall
    2- side compartment 19"wide x 17 tall x 15" deep
    Side grill measures 4' 1" length x 16" round
    Slow smoker 6' 5" length x 30" round, 4 - cooking grates 21", 25", 29" wide x 69" length, and a 5 shelf could be added. 2 - smoke stacks with adjustable dampeners on top of stacks, 2 - counter balances to assist lid opening.
    Smoker box with upper grill has 2 cooking grates 5' length x 18" round and it has 1 - smoke stack with adjustable dampener on top of stack.
    2 - 5k axles with 6 lug rims, tires all have great tread, No spare.
  2. how do you access it? looks very tall to me

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