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    Thanks for the info on covers.  I decided to order my lang 36 with a removable smoke stack.  this is a no cost option and I was told they do it often  and it will not leak or impact efficiency.  This will make it much easier to find a generic cover  which is a ton cheaper then having one made.   I have also decided to go with stainless steal racks since Im going to have this forever.  I cant decide whether to have a small hole drilled in the pit  in the middle for two temperature probe wires.  Let me know how you guys handle the wire on Langs.  thanks
  2. mfalto,

    I think if you get onto the forum of Lang owners that you may well get some ideas here.

    I know that I read about a post I read from a Lang owner who said that he uses a Maverick ET-732 dual temperature probe which is what I am interested in as well and he had a ??? can't remember what size hole drilled into his Lang in order to insert the two probes with wires so that they wouldn't get damaged by trying to use them and closing the heavy lid on them which cause problems.

    I would suggest that you call Lang and speak with Benjamin if you haven't already and tell him what type/mfg temperature thermometer you are wanting to use......maybe if it's a Maverick that you are interested in using and ask Benjamin if he would mind going on the Maverick Industries web site, calling and speaking with a representative and getting whatever details he may need to know in order to (a) determine what size hole would need to be drilled (b) where on the lid it probably should be drilled (c) if there would be any additional cost to do this and (d) finally, what can he easily plug the hole with that would be easy to remove and insert when you are not using your temperature probe.

    The lasts item (d) I would guess is really not a major issue from the standpoint of losing smoke and heat.

    Just my thoughts for Ya !

  3. I have a small ≈1/4" diameter hole on each side of my lid (2 total) in the CC for my thermometers.  I also have one in the back just above the grate that allows my probes for my BBQ Guru to enter.  I dont lose any noticable heat or smoke from any of them if I am not using them and dont bother with any plugs.  I wouldnt drill it on the lid because if you want to open it, you will find it a total pain
  4. Great comment Chris.

    Your point is well taken concerning putting a hole in the lid that I hadn't thought through.

    What brand of thermometer do you use by the way? The Maverick ET-732 is attractive to me because there are two probes, one for internal smoker temperature and the other that you would insert into what you are cooking. You set the temperature that you want for what you are cooking and the internal temp that you want to maintain in the smoker and if there is a +,- difference, the Maverick will alert you.

    Nice remote range as well.

    Your thoughts/Comments?

  5. That is what I have, two ET 732s...have an older model too, but dont care for it because it wont hold the signal but does tell temps fairly accurately.  If you order extra probes, go with the longer ones.
  6. Awesome Chris, funny you mentioned about longer probe length. I just sent an email to Maverick asking if longer probe wires were available?

    What length and at what cost.

    Glad to hear that you have and like the Maverick ET-732.

    I don't know what type of smoker that you have but do you generally put your probe wires through one or other of your holes drilled in the sides of your smoker or more often from the back side?

    My thoughts are having Lang cut the holes for me when I place my order for the 48 since they can whip through the 1/4 inch steel a lot better than I can.

    Any Comments?
  7. I have a Lang 48 patio model.  I always use the holes drilled in the front for my mavericks.  the back one is really only good for the Guru since that is where the fan is mounted.  Todd sells both the maverick and replacement 6' probes (comes with 3'), great place to support the small biz owner and site sponsor, plus he customer service is second to none.
  8. Chris,

    What is the chance of you sending me a pic or two of your Lang 48 showing me just where you drilled your holes?

    If it would be any easier sending me the pis on my email I would be more than happy to send you my email address.

    By the way, how long have you had your Lang 48 Patio and how do you like it?

  9. mfalto

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    I will ask Lang where they recommend the hole being drilled. I was thinking of having them do it too.  Thanks for your comments.   I also was thinking about the Maverick ET 732.   What did you think about ordering the lang with removable smoke stack for ease of covering.  They said it will not leak or impact performance.
  10. mfalto,

    Hey, my name is Harv Whitney and what is your name if you are OK with sharing it?

    I found it interesting that Lang can do a removable smoke stack. I have never heard of that feature before. Kudo's to Lang and I'm not surprised that they have been so creative to offer this. By the way, what was the upcharge for the lower and upper racks to have them in stainless steel if you don't mind? I was thinking about possibly doing that as well and I would think that the racks would be easier to keep clean but not sure.

    By the way, where are you located geographically? I was living just north of Tampa, FL but have moved to Palm Bay, FL on what's known as the Space Coast, just south of Cocoa Beach if you know the area.

    Have you got a delivery date for your smoker as yet?

    Weather is a bit cooler today about 68 and tonight it's suppose to get down into the 50's. Great "Smokin" weather.

    Now I would prefer that the daytime temps stay in the lower 60's and drop down to the 40's or below at night.

  11. mfalto

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    Hey Harv, my name is Mike.  The up grade to stainless cost  $195.  Im getting them for ease of cleaning, longevity and in Kansas City I will not be smoking during the winter most likely.  My current  grate  rusts some  during this down period and I want to avoid that.  I plan now on the following options....Stainless grates, drill and tap a hole for the thermometer probe where recommended by Lang, removable smoke stack and I haven't decided whether the have a hole cut in the firebox for a guru. When you cooked on the lang for the church did they use a you have any thoughts about using the guru on  a Lang.  If you are considering any other options let me know.  Im going to order it buy the end of the month after Im sure I have all the modifications I want.  Im a little concerned about having it delivered in the snow because I have a steep driveway.
  12. Love the Lang 48 patio.  I have had it for about 4 years now.  I bought it used but in nearly new condition (2 years old) except for all the creosote buildup inside.  The guy died from west nile and his wife wanted to get rid of it and said he couldnt cook on it anyway.  Which I can believe with all the buildup inside it. I upgraded from a new braunsfeld with a side fire box.  The holes are just above grate level about an inch or two past the door edge.  I would take a pic but I leave for work before it gets light and dont get home until after dark.  May have time this weekend if I dont have to work again.  I like my guru, but not sure I would buy another one given the price.  you really are better off learning your smoker before adding gadgets to it.  My stack is attached, but if I order a cover for it, I will have them separate the stack cover and have the bottom just lay on top of the smoker cover that has a hole in it with maybe velcro strip for a length to help get it over the stack .  Just for your info, the lang has no problems cooking in the cold...I've had in running in zero degree weather before.
  13. Awesome Chris.

    I don't have a real cold weather problem......unfortunately, as I love cold weather but it's great to know that the Lang will "RocK" in the cold weather with no problem.

    Now, I remember you mentioning about a "guru" in one of your previous responses to me and Mike just mentioned it to me as well and now you have again referred to it.

    OK, you have me stumped and I am now showing my "Piggy" ignorance. What is a guru and what does it do, or what do you do with it? I have never heard of it before?

  14. a guru is a thermostatically controlled fan for the fire box and meat thermometer for the cooking chamber.  You can set the fire box fan to kick on and off to maintain the correct temp.  It will kick on and off as needed to maintain the temp and notify you if it gets too high or low.  It also has a meat thermo you can set and it will notify you when it hits the set temp.  There are different ones you can buy that have different options like running multiple fans, wi-fi connected, talk to i-phones etc...
  15. Whow !,

    You say the fan is installed in the firebox where the wood is? I have never heard of that before. I am gathering that you have a guru with your Lang and have experience with it.

    Sooooo, tell me what you think the benefits are if any and what  the associated costs might be?

    I think if you really get to know your smoker and how to maintain the temperature and add the benefits of a dual temperature device like a Maverick ET that keeps a check on the internal temperature of your butt, briquette, chicken et al, and have a the benefit of the a second probe for the internal smoker temperature, complementing the installed smoker temperature device I would think that one would be in great shape.


  16. mfalto

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    Harv.  A complete guru ( model DigiQDX2) runs about $300.  Google BBQ guru and you can read about it on their web site.  I don't know if I will get one to start off or not.  Everyone talks about how easy a Lang maintains temp.  The guru adapter ( bulkhead induce mounting tube) for a Lang cost about $40.  I was thinking about having Lang drill the hole in my firebox in the appropriate place for the adapter and buying the adapter to put it in when my smoker arrives.  the adapter has a plug in it so I could wait to see if I want to spend the additional $ 260 to buy the rest of the guru.  The guru sounds pretty neat.  You close all the vent in the firebox and let the guru feed the fire oxygen base on the temp you have preset it to maintain.  I may just buy the Maverick and not mess with the guru at this time but I haven't decided about what to do about having lang drill me a hole for it.

    With regards to the weather its good to hear the lang will work fine.   However I don't work to good in sub freezing temps.  So the smoker will be undercover in the winter!!   mike
  17. Chris,

    I just spent a little time looking at different guru's and found one that sounded interesting. The DigiQ DX2? I read all the reviews posted and most were very pro on the product but........most of the customers were using a Webber Smoker, Big Green Egg and a couple of others. What I didn't read was any reviews from anyone using a Lang, Cadillac, ABS etc. off set stick burner smoker.

    Now the comments that caught my eyes were, for low and slow smoking like I like to do for 12 hrs. or so on butts and briquettes, several people are saying, start your fire, get the temperature where you want it to be, put your food in.......early evening "set it and forget it" go to bed and get up in the AM and your food is the way.

    Other comments are that folks load in their charcoal.....didn't hear anything about wood, smoke away and had charcoal not used and left over.

    Now, I will shut up and listen to you having had experience with this product as it relates to an off set stick burner !!

    One final comment though.......if I can smoke low and slow for 12-14 hours, load the wood into my Lang, get the temperature up to 225-230 keep it there all night and go to bed and not have to get up three or four times to put wood in...............they better get out of the way CAUSE I'm going to buy one of those "Puppies"

  18. yeah...that is wishful can't set and forget wood burners....maybe if you are using a charcoal basket in it, but I dont use one, so cant say....I have to add wood to about every 45 to 60 minutes.  It does do a good job maintaining the temps, but that can also be done using the vents.  The benefit I see most is that many of the different woods burn at different temps and I dont have to fiddle with getting the vents set.  If you are wanting a set and forget, a stick burner is not the way to go.  I also dont smoke overnights and 20 hour smokes and the like.  My butts take about 8 to 10 hrs and my brisket packers take about 10 to 12 hrs.  I just get up about an hr earlier than usual, say 3 am and get started.  Like I said earlier, I'm not sure I would spend the large amount of $ if I had to do it over again.  It isnt that big a deal to drill the hole in the box yourself.  You just need a drill with a power chord and a step drill bit.  Harbor Freight sells the bits that are big enough for under $20.  Take about 10 min to drill the hole.
  19. Thanks Chris.

    Your answer is what I thought it would be but wasn't definitely sure.

    When I recently cooked on "Mr.Big Dog", the Lang 108 and helped with all those butts, the smoker maintained an consistent 230 degree temperature with consistency and minor tweeking with the vents. We added wood about every hour and had no problems.

    Given your comments about investing in a guru I am going to pass. As you have said, in the world of owning an off-set stick burning smoker.....having to add wood just goes with the territory and I can do that.

  20. Hey Mike,

    I suspect that you might have seen my post and question to Chris who has a 48 Lang Patio and a guru installed and his subsequent response back to me.

    I was suspicious that one could do a "Set it and forget it" mode with an off set stick burner and Chris has confirmed it for me.

    Now, that having been said, and given my earlier experience with the Lang 108, consistency of temperature throughout the smoker and just adding wood every hour....hour and a half I have decided to not look at considering the DigiQ Dx2 or other guru device. I don't see the value proposition here.

    I believe that learning your smoker, tweeking the vents accordingly as needed will give you even consistent temperatures without a lot of effort.......especially if you have a Lang smoker.

    Now, I am going to go with a Maverick ET-732 to monitor my butts, briquette, turkey, chicken temps internally and benefit from the additional probe that will monitor my smoker internal temp to complement the installed smoker thermometer.

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