Lang BBQ Smoker Twin 84 Long Neck Smoker

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  1. Lang Twin Long Neck Smoker

     For sale: A Lang Twin 84" long neck with a lot of accessories. This smoker was purchased in October, 2012, brand new from Lang Smokers in Nahunta Georgia. The smoker has been used to cook at festivals, fundraisers and special events. This smoker has also been used in several BBQ competitions resulting in several first place and one Grand Champion title. It has been well maintained with no rust and fire boxes have been kept painted and cared for. The smoker is kept under a shelter. Smoker also has a large Char griller which works well from grilling foods. 

     The smoker comes with the following accessories that have been added by the owner:

     Food Grade Stainless Steel Shelving on both sides of the smoker

     Heavy duty Tradesman storage box

     Propane tank and large propane cooker with heat shields

     Stainless Steel sink wash station with on demand pump system with water tank and gray water capture tank

     Commercial grade fire bricks lining the bottom of the fire box

     Original spare tire and wheel (exact mate to the original tires on smoker)

    The smoker can cook 70 whole Pork Butts at once or 3 whole hogs
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    If this unit is still available where is it located?
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  3. Yes I still have unit. Located in Elberton, Ga
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    Check your private message box
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    Is this unit still available?

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