lang 84 w/ modifications

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  1. I am the chief cook of the flyingwrench smokin pit crew in omaha, ne., and we are selling our modified lanf 84 w/ warmer and charcoal grill, I say modified because we have added a few things that didn't come from the factory, first off we added the charcoal grill to the front, also we added a bbq guru, with splitter, relay, and 2 25cfm fans, we also  put diamond plate on both sides, and a chrome finish the cooker off we added some cragar ss wheels w/ white letter tires...I forgot to mention a charcoal chute to the firebox so the you don't have to open the door, and get a face full of heat to add coal/ cooks great and have used it for catering, competition, parties, etc...would consider selling without the guru, and wheels/tires for less...we  could deliver within reason, or can help arrange shipping to can email me and i would be happy answer any questions, thanks
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