Lang 84 Kitchen D

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    Hi, We're selling off our entire catering operation. "Big Red" is our Lang 84 Kitchen D, on a 26' dual axle trailer, she has 4 sinks, hot water heater, refrigerator, and a 4 draw lockable tool cabinet for your gear. 3(10x10) and 1(10x20) ez-up style canopies, cambros, chaffers, pans a ton of small wares and too much more to list. We're based in Southern MI just so you know where you'll have to pick it up from. Message me here or at [email protected] and we can talk. I'm moving out of state and am very motivated to sell.
  2. Slowburnbbq,

    When did you purchase the Lang 84 Kitchen D?
  3. Is this still available?
  4. ogratomt

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    Have you sold this yet?

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