Lang 36 poor quality welding?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by chipotleq, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. chipotleq

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    The lang is the best bang for the buck. I know big poppa smorkers has the "baby j" jambo smoker. Its basically their backyard on a trailer with chrome stack but it is $3500. Plus the freight.
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  2. 64driver

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    Yeah, that baby J is pretty sweet! That's exactly what I would want from Jambo, thanks for pointing that out. Too bad shipping from TX to MN would put it over 4k bucks, and there is absolutely no way my wife would go for that. It was like pulling teeth just to get her to go to a 3500 (she makes a lot more money than me, so it's tough to argue). She knows a Lang is 2500 if picked up, and 3200 if shipped to the front door, so spending 1k more to have that baby J shipped wouldn't fly with her. It is nice though...

    Like you just stated, Lang is still just the best bang for your buck.
  3. 64driver

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    I just looked at that baby J some more. There is a $700 crating fee on top of the shipping (which I'm guessing would be ~$700), so that baby J just became a 5k cooker. Well that make that decision easier to say no to...
  4. chipotleq

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    Pretty expensive at 5k for a 48 size smoker. At the end of the day you will enjoy the lang just as much as you would a jambo, klose or any other stick burner. There is a learning curve to experience with stick burners, but it will be fun on a lang. Good luck
  5. chipotleq

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    Finally got a response from Lang, but took a while;
    This was received December 10. Will post a follow up once Ben gets in contact, if he gets in contact...
  6. boykjo

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    Thats good........
  7. 64driver

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    Even if he doesn't get back to you (I think he will), I have full confidence Sara definitely showed those pic to Ben, and that he made it a point to "have a talk" with his welders.
  8. BAMB !! Angel, as Emeril Lagasse would say !!

    Sounds to me like perhaps your efforts to provide Ben Lang with some first hand manufacturing product quality issues that you incurred have been not been lost or ignored.

    The proof, however, as you have said is whether Ben Lang himself gets back in touch with you.

    I am glad that you took mine and others suggestions to send your findings to Lang.

    As I mentioned to you in one of my previous posts, Ben Lang can't address product quality issues if he is not made aware of them from his customer base.

    I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you the gist of what Ben has to say.

  9. waterboy12

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    I'll be picking my 36 deluxe up on Friday, I asked for Ben to be present when I pick the 36 up. He said he would go over operation and methods and I intend to thoroughly look it over and if I see anything questionable or out of the order I will ask questions. Look for a new thread the end of next week.
  10. I think that's a good move Waterboy12 and I hope that everything goes well. I am going to order a Lang 48 Patio probably in the February timeline and pick it up myself as well.

    I have smoked on a Lang 60 and a 108 numerous times and have outstanding results with turkeys, buts, chicken and briskets. The smokers were easy to use, held the temps well and didn't require a truck load of wood, just a nice relaxing chair and a couple of cold beers.

    Please let us all know how you make out. Safe travels.

  11. chipotleq

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    have not recieved a call form the man himself yet. But I got a brand new thermometer for the one that I told them got possibly damaged by having the tip hit the top grate on the chargriller.
  12. Glad to here that they sent you a new thermometer. I hope that you here something soon from Ben.
  13. I was so set on a Lang until I read this thread. Now I really don't know. Did you ever actually hear back form the big man himself? It's been over a year now. 
  14. Actually...not a year, just a few months. 
  15. 64driver

    64driver Fire Starter


    I was just about to pull the trigger on a Lang 48 mobile, and then found out about Shirley Fabrication. They are very similar to Langs but better construction, more customization options, cook just as well, and best of all Cheaper!! I get mine in 1 month! (being built)
  16. chipotleq

    chipotleq Smoke Blower

    Mr Ben Lang never got back to me. They only sent a replacement thermometer for the damaged one. But I have been enjoying it just about every weekend that I have forgotten about the temp, difference, welds etc... Know I just get her hot, throw some meet in her and all comes out good all the time. I have bough since a primo grill, which is like a big green egg. I will sell the primo grill, there is no comparison between the flavor the reverse sear plate provides along with the oak and pecan sticks vs the charcoal and chips on a ceramic cooker.
  17. I had a smilar issued with the welding at the bottom of FB on my "36" Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer Smoker Cooker w Deluxe Warmer Box Chargrill Mobile Trailer Frame" that I got February 25, 2014 They asked me to explain. I told them how the drain pipe and the FB was not welded properly. there response was (quote from email)

    "Drain valve purposely no welded where it passes through bottom of cylinder.

    Can you send pictures showing other issue."

    The other issue being FB weld here is Pictures and Video I took to show them


    Their response (Quote from email)

    "Best we can tell, The weld on the firebox to the belly was missed. is there any way you can have it welded to we can reimburse you?Hate it happen on you unit. let me know"

    Took my Lang down to wielder $110.00 later Firebox is fixed not sure how to fix drain pipe leak any help??
  18. chipotleq

    chipotleq Smoke Blower

    where in the drain pipe do you have a leak? If you have it in the bottom towards the exit on the belly of the chamber, then I would not worry about it. Reason why the leave it like that is because of the "steam clean process where some water might make it to the bottom and settle there. They figured it would cause corrosion and decided to leave an opening for water to drain down the side.

    If you have a leak where the V channel of the baffle plate meets the drain opening, then I would email lang again and ask if that was also intentional. Which is not, and have them reimburse again for another weld repair. Good luck, I have learned to live with mine as is, and have enjoyed the final product off the smoker that I dont mind the imperfections. Next time I buy one, hopefully the Lang 60, I will drive down there to pick it up and this time I will know what to look for before I drive away with it.
  19. I have not looked thru the FB but standing at the door while steam cleaning is when I notice that water was come out of the drain pipe from the pipe like it should and also from the outside of the pipe where it goes up into pit.

    Did that mod you did help any??? The one where you extened the stack down? your first post last picture?

    I am thinking about using some "Grill Greats" () in my FB I read on the Lang forum that it helps with heating, less lost more into chambers equal less wood to cook with. for 18 dollar will try
  20. chipotleq

    chipotleq Smoke Blower

    Yes the mod where you extend the stack to be at grate level does help. But I found that making the pit pitch up bit from the nose opposite the FB helps more. It makes the heat move naturally "up the hill" as heat rises and has more faster heat flow out the FB to stack . Still have hot spots but not as much as I had before. I just rotate the meat in the chamber to deal with hot spots, or not if I am cooking different types of meat like I would have chicken wings cook in the hotter part of the chamber to achieve crispy skin.

    I have some of those ceramic briquettes somewhere, would like to follow up on your mod, I may also give a try since I do feed about a stick every 40-60 minutes... If I could give it one every 90-120 minutes it would be great.

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