Landsman electric smoker mods

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fratthewcraig, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. fratthewcraig

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    So after purchasing my landsman I was a little dis appointed with the levels of smoke I was getting from it. Granted this was my fault because I didn't have the element hot enough to get the chips going but anyway I did some looking around and couldn't find anything on the landsman. Seems like I'm the only one on the forums with one so I decided to do a little experimenting. I felt that I wasn't getting enough smoke because of lack of oxygen
    I hope you can see that picture. It just shows the side view of the wood box and it only had 2 small holes on the whole box and a vented cover. I figured I could give it more oxygen which in turn would be more smoke by drilled about 12 additional holes around the too edges of the box.
    . So now instead of 2 overall holes I have 14. I'll let ya know how I works :)
  2. chewmeister

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    Should help some, but too much and the chips may flame instead of smolder. Get an AMNPS and problem solved.
  3. fratthewcraig

    fratthewcraig Fire Starter

    I'm going to try some bacons today I'll let you guys know how that goes

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