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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by 2000gx, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Looking for some info about the interior coating on my Landmann 26" electric smoker, manufacturing date of 12/13. I bought it NIB in 10/14 and have had a number of issues with it, but my main concern now had been with the interior coating, which failed after a recent 225F/16hr smoke.

    I've attached a couple of pics of the box, which I disassembled to provide Landmann with some good shots, but to date they've failed to respond to my request for this manufacturing info.

    We've obviously eaten food cooked inside of this product, and they seem to be unable (or are unwilling) to provide me with a description of what the coating is (paint or powder coat), temp rating, why it may have failed, and if it was toxic--

    If anyone here knows, or has seen this type of thing, would appreciate your insight.

    Thanks, and great forum here!
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    @Fishwrestler didn't you have one of their electric smokers? Can you help?
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    PS- I tried to attach a couple of pics but they're not showing up, sorry.

    Basically it looks like the finish has been scalded off with hot water. It wrinkled, blistered and released from the steel, mainly in the top of the box, and on the left and right sides near the top.

    The model I have is a vertical smoker, with a 1500watt heater in the bottom.

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    Images loaded!
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     I am guessing the warranty has expired.   Continue to press Landmann for an answer, especially the coating issue which might have gotten on food at some time and been ingested. I know that this is not the answer you were looking for but that is all the advice I can give.  Use the link below and in the search bar top right after it loads enter electric smokers. You might also want to invest in an all stainless steel smoker, such as those offered by Smokin-it.  No coatings or paint to fail inside or on the outside; pretty much bullet proof.  I hope this helps and good luck.
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    Thanks. They finally sent me some document today, badly translated from Chinese, stating their coating "passed" some government standard. I have not looked up the statute they referenced, nor was the document specific to my model. I still don't know what the coating even was-- They have been less than helpful in providing me with simple information and answering questions.

    And yes, well out of warranty. Wouldn't accept anything from them if offered at this point. Been finding lots of other negative reviews on these models.
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    Well, glad you finally got an answer.  If you are still interested in electric smokers, besides the Masterbuilt smokers which are dominant on this forum and come with stainless steel interiors, I still recommend the Smokin-it (SI) line.  There is a section for SI on this forum and of course they can be seen in detail on the SI site.  The first couple of pages deal with it being relatively unheard of; but they have been going strong since 2012.  They are  somewhat pricey (but come with a 3 year warranty) but not nearly as pricey as the SmokinTex and Cookshack line. Check them out. Here is their link:
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    Couldn't agree with Old Sarge more!  I have 3 Smokin-It smokers (models 1,2 and 3) and LOVE them!  Built like tanks, have a great folks supporting them, but (most importantly), they WORK great!  They have a couple of new models, the 2D and 3D, that have a built-in PID controller.  That may not mean much to you, but it means they are digitally-controlled to lab standards.  A PID controller is designed to hold temps very accurately for scientific work, so these smokers are the most-accurate electric smokers on the market today, from ANY manufacturer!  One other "plus" in the SI play book is that they are NSF Certified.  That's a pretty big deal for commercial users, and they are the only one of the "big 3" (Cookshack, Smokin Tex and SI) that is.  Sounds like a sales pitch, but I'm a happy user that believes in this company, and couldn't be happier with the product!
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    I actually checked those out a month or so ago and was encouraged by the fact they're manufactured in Ohio, and spare parts seem reasonable. We'll see what the New Year brings--
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    Just to be clear, the only smoker of the cookshack, smokin-it and smokintex families made in the USA are the cookshacks, and the price bears this out.  The others are imported like most things are today and that includes master built, sandman, etc.   I will say that Steve, the owner of SI, has made improvements over the years based upon user input such as beefing up the heating elements, adding a longer power cord, larger wheels, additional door latches on the models 2, 3, and 4, etc. While more expensive than those found in big box stores, they really are a lot of value for the money spent. For the time being, you can get get a SI 2 or 3 with or without the built-it digital controller, and order a digital later if you decide to. I don't know if the model 1 will be offered in digital. I think you can get a discount by visiting their Facebook page at the social store.  That you would have to check out. It may or may not be in effect any longer. Judging from comments on the SI site as well as this forum, the smokers are very reliable.
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