Landmann 3895GWLA questions & a great needle valve.............

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bailey151, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Don't post much (not much to add [​IMG] ) but I continue to read all the time. Recently "upgraded" from a Smoke Vault to the above Landmann. Still not 100% certain it's an upgrade but my old unit it going to my oldest so that's a positive.

    Anyway as those of us with some propane experience know the 1st thing aside from assembly that needs to be done is to add (or replace) a needle valve. I've been using the Bayou Classic model (comes on their burners) - it worked okay, had to eyeball the flame & took a bit of fiddling to get it exact. While it was certainly far better than the "in the ballpark" knob on the unit.

    This time I wanted a bit started to think who else needs to control flame (temps)? Brewers? Yep, checked them & it's about the same as the Bayou Classic - ballpark. Stumbled on folks who run a forge.....they need reliable & repeatable temp controls. They also need fairly small changes. To shorten the story I cam across this one:

    Yep, it's certainly expensive - $28 = ouch! But it is superb. Notice the marks on the turret - this means once you know a setting you can dial it right in again. This is excellent. It also provides excellent gas flow & very minute adjustments. Example - temp is 225* @ the two marking, change that to be "proud" of the 2 & you get 228* = amazing. Used this valve a few times & it's the same every time - it works as well as the cost would indicate. Smooth operation & very small adjustments (so small you don't see a flame change, just the temp goes up a tad). Worked well enough that I ordered a 2nd one for my old smoker before I give it to the kid.

    Anyway, enough babbling..........

    On to my question - my unit came with a steel wood box, it's okay but given I like to personalize my stuff [​IMG] (I never even installed the thermometer, went right to the unibit & TelTru) I was looking for a cast iron box...........I can find a cast iron box for a 3605BGD .............. is this the same size? Will it fit? Seems like it would work, just thought I'd check with the experts before I buy it.

    And the lid -
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    I have a master forge smoker. Does this take the place of the knob or does it go in-line? My controller seems pretty good, but I could use better. Thanks in advance...
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    It goes between the regulator & the gas line. Nutshell it's (from tank to hose)

    Regulator -> Needle valve -> gas line to smoker

    Here's a picture of the regulator with a needle valve, in my case I changed this needle valve with the one I linked to above. In my particular case it required a 1/4" NPT close nipple and a 1/4 NPT x 1/8" NPT adapter............the parts needed depend on your gas line

    Operation changes slightly as I no longer use the knob on the smoker, that stays on high all the time. I close off the gas using the needle valve & the tank valve.

    Process is -

    1. Open tank valve

    2. Open needle valve

    3. light burner

    4. Control temp with needle valve

    Shutdown is

    1. Close needle valve

    2. Shut off tank

    3. Disconnect

    Here's a thread that has a good pic (different needle valve but same concept) -

    A forum search should turn up better information than I can supply [​IMG]
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  4. beefy bill

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    Excellent info. Thank you! I did a turkey last week, finally had a maverick to monitor temps, had it set for 325, went from 298 to 330 back and forth, with no wind to speak of. I need this mod...
  5. bailey151

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    Regulators can sometimes cause a problem also, single stage regulators are known to fluctuate some but a needle valve is almost a requirement as the supplied knobs are generally pretty gross in their adjustments.
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  6. beefy bill

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    Mine has real fine adjustment on the low side, which may be good in warmer weather. I recently got mine and only got to use it in colder weather. I have had to use it right in the range that the slightest touch makes a big difference. I guess when you get into a hobby, everything ends up getting modified anyway. And for the price on that needle valve, it seems like a great upgrade and will give better results. It will be a good little winter project. Thanks again!

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