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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by meat hunter, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I have had this sausage a few time, made by smokeshops, cheeseshops and love it. It's not a common sausage to make but I know others here have done it. My question is, for those that know, what is the wood mold that they talk about when you press the sausages? Is there some special press for this, or are the sausages simply laid onto a board with another board on top with some weight to flatten them out? Anyone have a photo or 2 I would love to see it. Or, point me in the right direction to where I can see it. Thanks.
  2. it was traditional pressed so it was square so they could pack more in boxes as it was used as rations for hunters and the army as it is meal sizes portions and doesn't require refrideration.

  3. I have made it twice, 2nd time just yesterday. I put them on cookie sheets on top of each other with a weight on top. Guess they do not have to be flattened, but I like the traditional appearance.
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    So there isn't really a "MOLD" for them then? When I heard the term mold in the making of them, I envisioned some sort of wood board with a mold carved out of it, like a jello mold so to speak.

    When you make them, do you leave them all linked together, then set them under the cookie sheet and press them then hand them after for smoking?
  5. I cut mine in pairs to make it easier to arrange on the cookie sheet, and also for hanging to smoke.
  6. yes there is, but you don't need it. the mold would give them a square profile. if you want the flat you can just press them, if you want them round then leave them round.


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