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  1. I am a newbie to the site, but not to smoking and sausages. I made my first batch of landjaeger last night. I used the Len Poli recipe. Now after finding this site I am a little paranoid after reading the chat on cures and dry curing meat. I followed his recipe verbatum, so should I be ok ? Also another question for anyone who has made dry cure, this type of recipe is a pain for a person who works long days because of the ferment time of 3 days before smoking which means it has to be made and stuffed during the week so I can smoke on the weekend. Is it possible to refridgerate it after the ferment time so that I could make it on a weekend, and then wait until the next weekend to smoke. This is an excellent recipe as a friend of mine has made it to supply our deer camp and we all thought it was the best we have had.
    Thank you to anyone who can help.
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    Hello Marte
    Welcome to SMF - there are a lot of sausage makeres here so someone will be along shortly with the answer. Glad to have you with us
  3. Which starter culture did you use?
  4. Encapsulated citric acid from Butcher & Packer.

    No citric acid in his recipe.

    Encapsualted citric acid is not a starter culture. The fermentation period Mr. Poli mentions in his recipe is to ferment the meat using the starter culture. You are not using a starter culture, which is ok, but you have no need to do the fermentation.

    In fact, encapsulated citric acid does not even begin working until it reaches 135 degrees during the smoking process. You can keep them in the fridge until your ready to smoke, or just smoke right away. Then hang them in a cool dark place until they have the dryness you prefer.

    Cure #1 will also work since you did not use the culture, but if you already used #2 you should be fine.

    You did use cure??
  6. I used cure #2. Rookie mistake I guess, using the ecapsulated citric acid. That is what came up as starter culture on the Butcher & Packer website. Thanks for the quick reply and the help. I will smoke this weekend.
  7. Yea that stuff is like a starter culture substitute. Provides a nice tang just like the fermentation process would. Here is the real stuff

    Your good to go for a long safe dry time with that cure. I think that type of sausage really improves with about a week of hanging in a cool dark place.

    Bet it comes out great![​IMG]
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    I am watching this and any other threads about dry curing cause it is one of the new sausage recipes that I really want to try very soon.

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