Landjaeger for the first time - with pictures (QVIEW)

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    Being intrigued by NEPAS post about Landjaeger and fermented sausage, I wanted to try and follow his instructions and duplicate the process. I might add I tried making a fermented salami once and I failed on that one because of a humidity issue. I think I have that rectified now so here we go, gonna give it a shot.

    So for my Landjaeger, I used 9 lbs of super lean venison all trimmed of the junk and membranes along with a little over 3 lbs of fresh ground pork fat. I used the recipe from Ryteks Kutas book that called for cure, fermento, corn syrup solids, some coriander, caraway seeds, white pepper, powdered dextrose and I added some crushed red pepper along with a little mustard seed and garlic powder to suite my taste.

    The fat should have been colder when ground and mixed because I noticed some smearing during the mixing. ( I mixed by hand ).

    Anyway got it all mixed up and added the culture/seasoning mix ( added some distilled water too) mixed a few more minutes and put in the frig overnight because I was beat and needed rest.

    Early this morning 4am, I stuffed using some leftover casing I had. I stuffed pretty loose so it would flatten out. As each of the twins was stuffed they were then placed in my pans and I added a couple cinder blocks on top as weights. Back in my "fermenting chamber they go." Its actually a homemade cooler, I set the temp at 70*F and have humidifier running on high., at last check humidity was at 70%.

    Today should prove to be 70 degrees here in my part of Texas so i decided to turn the cooler off and just run the humidifier and a box fan to keep the air moving. I'll keep an eye on it . I am concerned about fermenting at 70-80 degree because I haven't done this before and I am always used to keeping things cold you know., so this is a bit different but I know I can do it if I follow the direction of all you other Guru's out there who are always helpful to the cause.

    o pictures , that's right, this thread is useless without pictures so look below, here they are as of ferment time.

    I will update this thread in 3 days when they get the hickory smoke from Todd's smoker tray.

    Comments and suggestions are quite welcome ladies and gentlemen...

    Femento, Corn Syrup solids, a few other spices to taste.

    Powdered Dextrose and some coriander below....

    Holding at 70*F steady.

    The control for the cooler is set at 70F probably will not  be over 70 here this week.

    Here is my venisont, ready to be seasoned. Pork fat added last.

    And my culture and spices mixed with some distilled water.

    4am and here we go.

    Butted up against each other and flat as a pancake.

    may use natural casings next time, but I had these from last year and needed to use them up.

    Good ole cinder blocks for weights.I have 2 pans of sausage.

    Top rack in the 70* "cooler" . Humidifyer is below on the floor.

    Holding 70% @ 70 degrees rightnow

    Pan on the right is weighted down with water jugs for the last couple of  links that would not fit in the other 2 pans.

    Humidity @70%

    Going to keep a close eye on this, will be updating in a couple days.

    Thanks for looking.

    I might also add that i just bought the book by Stanley and Adam Marianski


    The Art of Making Fermented Sausages. I can't wait for it to get here.

    I am posting more pictures throughout the thread as it dries out...
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  2. tropics

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    Looks good just to much stuff to buy, for me to make it.I'll keep watching
  3. hoity toit

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    The moisture content is now up to 90% relative humidity and 60 degrees after 2 hrs closed up.., this is good I am thinking.
  4. hoity toit

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    Todays Update : Still in a holding pattern for one more day - 85-90% rel humid. @ 65-75 degrees F. I hope this is fermenting correctly. I am looking to put these in the smoker in one more day. It should work out to be humid then as well as the weatherman is predicting overcast and possible rain in 48 hrs.
  5. hoity toit

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    Put the Landjaeger in the smoker with some hickory.  I think so far so good. Here are some pictures in the smoker.

    Cold Smoke 80 degrees F or less using 2 Amazing smoker trays. (Hickory)

    See how flat and square it looks..

    Double the Pleasure

    Cold smokin in S. Texas is a seasonal thing because it usually is hot here.

    No heat in the chamber, just the smoke trays.

  6. Man o man  that look terrific   

  7. chef willie

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    look real good.....certainly a challenge.....Willie
  8. hoity toit

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    This has been a real learning curve for me, but thanks to SMF and all the good info I have confidence I can do this.Going to give them about 2 more hours of smoke., for a total of 6 hrs cold smoke., that should be about right since the flavors will mature over time the next few weeks in the drying chamber, or as it should be called the torture chamber because this is killing me waiting to see how or IF...they finish off.
  9. hoity toit

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    I'm trying....fermented is a new one for this fellah. Stay tuned.
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Looking good! This fermentation thing is fun to watch until I get a set up to do my own.
  11. Can't wait !!

  12. woodcutter

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    You must have been reading up a storm. I would like to try this some day and I'm enjoying your thread!
  13. Will be following this thread till the very end. Would like to build a fermentation chamber but too afraid to tackle it on my own.:sausage:
  14. elginplowboy

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    Looking good and I'm following. The book is great. I'm just up the road from u outside of Elgin. How big is your custom fermenting chamber and is that a window unit keeping it cool? I know what u mean about not being able to cold smoke here in Texas.What starter culture did u use?
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  15. hoity toit

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    It is 4x4x8' with a tricked out a/c unit, seperate control. 4" thick styrofoam walIs with fiberglas OSB on both sides of the styrofoam., 8" thick floor and ceilings. can go down to 30-32*F no problem.. Or hold it ot 70,60,50 whatever. Most of the time I use a a cooler Got shelfs and hanging rack inside and has been known to hold 3 deer when needed. I have a circulating fan and a humidifier I use when needed as well.
  16. roller

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    Nice you put ur time in on that one..Good job..
  17. dingo007

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    Looking'll love em. I made some recently out of Elk venison...they didn't last long. You'll love the book for understanding the science behind all of this. IMO
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  18. hoity toit

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    The book came in yesterday and I can see from reading that I have gone to the next level....starting to get obsessed with learning everything and mastering the art.
  19. crazymoon

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    Nice job, looking real good !
  20. sam3

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    Looks real good so far. Were you able to get a ph reading after fermentation?

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