Labor Day Spares and Chicken Wings w/Q VIEW!!!

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  1. So, first time I've smoked ribs...and second time for wings.


    Rub of sugar, salt, onion, garlic, and chili powders, and paprika.  Yellow mustard as a binder and coated with rub.  Chilled for 1 hour and ran my Char-Griller Outlaw to 275.  Ribs are going on for 2 hours of smoke.  They will be pulled and wrapped with brown sugar and honey, 2 hours of foil or until done.


    Melted a stick of salted butter and added honey.  Heated until combined and then removed from heat.  Did not want sugars to caramelize.  Chilled for 10 mins and then injected drumettes and flats with honey butter.  Placed in pan and coated with honey butter.  Dusted with paprika.  Those will go on at 275 for 2.5 hours.  Pulled and then cooked on open heat to finish.


  2. Looks good from here!  [​IMG]   How were they? 
  3. look's tasty to me too!

    How was the chicken skin?

    How did you come to the conclusion of running @ 275*?
  4. The wings turned out very good.  I wouldve liked to get a little crisper skin but flavor wise they were amazing.  The ribs were not consistent.  The larger ends turned out nice and tender but the smaller ends were overdone and tough.  I read that it was better to run the ribs at 275 and cook them hot and fast.  I doubt I'll be doing that again.  After 2 hours i wrapped them.  I dont know. I have to rethink them for sure.
  5. I use the 3-2-1 method & do my ribs at 225 - works great for me...

    For crisp skin on your chicken you need higher temps to crisp it up - 325 is a good temp to shoot for...

    Seems like you're off to a great start with your smoking  [​IMG]
  6. I had really good success starting them Wings in a foil pan and then finishing them on the grill.I'm wondering if maybe I should cook them in the pan in smoke and then finish them in my deep fryer?
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    I did this same method a lot last fall. It works out really well, but just remember to "flash" fry them to crisp up the skin. No need to go too long as they are already partially cooked.

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