Labor Day Pulled pork!

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  1. Happy labor day..

    TO ALL who WORK for a living! celebrate this weekend !

    So as promised here's the Q-View for the new smoker and the Butts that are inside.. and a bit more..

    Someting new the fridgeview!

    Pregame with the three butts two with a cherry kool-aid rub and my neighbors butt with a secret blend of herbs and spices he said.. on the further right is my egg and cheese fatty and a spiral ham .

    lighting the fire
    4am start!

    the 2nd check! looking good!

    more to come!
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  2. smokinal

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    Great start!

    Looks excellent so far!

  3. redheelerdog

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    Lookin dang good!
  4. b-one

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    Looks like a tasty start!
  5. Holy moly what a night.

    This is the day after report as I was probably a combonaton of things to many to post last night, with guests and adult beverages flowing, screaming kids and grand parents around. 1am came around quick.. .a good time was had by all!

    A Mid-way check and spray down with captain, apple juice, molassas, brown sugar

    Breakfast fatty had at around lunch time scrambled eggs,bell peppers, jalapino, and cheese.

    Sprial Ham which was dry because I put it to close to the exhaust and it got hot quick the bits I did pry off were tasty but more like pig candy jerky than anything else.. Just needs more moisture next time.

    Just before this photo I thought I was DEEP in the plateau as my meat based thermometer was slowly climbing thru 110 after 12 hours. a little unhappy about the length of time it was taking although if it was just me depending on this dinner I could have waited, I broke out my thermopen and checked all three.. all three were 195-220. Basically done... my meat based thermo was toast ..

    Last night I made pulled pork sliders photos folks sorry but verbally it was a 9x9 square of kings hawaiian rolls that sheet cut in half then bbq sauce pork and slaw on top the top half of the sheet placed on top a little butter brushed on top and back in to the already warm oven, this was the teaser to the normal do it your self pulled pork sandwiches served up 15 minutes later and were enjoied around the fire pit.

    Bark and ring !

    During the clean up this morning we vacuum bagged the last 8 lbs of porkiness for winter options, Ihope I have room for my Moose.

    Thank you for following the smoke go out and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

  6. b-one

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    Looks like it was a great meal!
  7. hardcookin

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    Nice smoke!! Love seeing a full smoker!

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