Labor Day Baby Backs Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gavin16, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Good Day fellow Smoking Fanatics! 

    It's a fine day on this 3 day weekend for some ribs, and I've been craving these babies for weeks! Here's the run down:

    Bought the tyson pack a week ago on sale at WalMart, 4.5 lbs.  Ran to the store this morning and luckily found them laying out MORE RIBS ON SALE for $1.99/lb.  Can never have enough ribs in a college town right?? 

    Will be doing the 2-2-1 (or thereabouts) method today, with pecan/cherry and a bit of apple wood.  

    Keeping it very simple this weekend (Gotta make a good impression for the pals).  This first rub is an applewood.  Used a mustard base. 

    These fellas are sweet n smokey.  Also mustard applied.  

    Took me a while to figure out how to organize it all to fit, since my 3rd rack has my drip pan.  Had to bust out the rib rack.  Also, I am trying a potato out to hold my thermometer.  This will be the first time I will go strictly off my thermometer instead of the door, hopefully will give me a very accurate calibration on where my door gauge stands.  

    Using my thermometer... it I did not warm up the smoker beforehand.  As I type this it reads 205.  My door reads just under the 250 line (240-245).  My temp control is still cranked on high, I'm hoping the thermometer will start jumping up soon so I can turn it down to low like normal.  Quite a large gap, so I hope this works, or my ribs are cooked! Quicker than I want that is hehe.  

  2. 1.99 / lb [​IMG]

  3. Most smoke Ive seen billow out of this thing in a while, even rolling out of the door.  Reads around 250 now on the door. 217 on my remote. I'm smelling a hint of burnt smell.. Hoping I don't need to check my chips n put out a bad fire already.  
  4. Ahh so here's another minute by minute update lol.  Realized it's already been 50 minutes since I put these babies in, my wood was indeed burnt up!

    These freaking things are burning up faster every time I use the smoker.  Going to have to get my AMNPS fixed up soon... 

  5. About as close as I've gotten.  You can see the difference in the two, that door gauge is about right on 250.  

    My favorite part, the foiling mix! 

    Back in for around an hour or more.. Want them to fall off the bone.  Also put potatoes in over an hour ago.  
  6. Fall off the bone, finger licking good!!! 

    Out of the foil for the last 45 minutes. 

    Stuffed potatoes with butter, cheese, brown sugar, sour cream, bacon bits.  Poured juices from the drip pan all over them.  Also put back in for 45 minutes. 

    Applewood on the left, sweet n smokey on the right.  Sweet n smokey wins it by unanimous decision.  

    Now if you excuse me, I have a very, very full belly to tend to.  Think the only cure is going to be an early bedtime. 

    Enjoy! [​IMG]  
  7. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Very good , Gavin.  Love Ribs and do them as often as possible , well any BBQ , but [​IMG]  gotta get permission.

    Keep doing your thing , and send more Q-view of those good looking cooks .

    Have fun and . . .
  8. Thanks! I agree, it's been too long since I did ribs last, so was definitely excited to have a chance this weekend.  Gonna be honest though & say the potatoes were my favorite.  Pulled apart the ribs & mixed in with'em. Got the nod from the pals to so that's always good! hehe
    Sorry I missed this post this morning.  I'm definitely going back to Dillons tomorrow and picking up a couple more racks to stow away in the freezer till next time.  There were really meaty to, turned out great! 
  9. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome Gavin.... Very nice smoke ! Gotta love some good ole ribbies ! Thumbs Up
  10. Thanks WaterinHoleBrew! I agree! 

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