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    I’m an avid griller/smoker & self proclaimed grill master who is always looking for new ways of cooking and have been contemplating La Caja China for some time.    Decided to go whole hog (pun intended) for the recent 4th of July weekend.

    Here is my review & experience:

    Ordered the #2 Roaster. Mojo marinade, Adobo and rotisserie from La Caja China.  The Customer Service Representative was great and answered all my pre-order inquiries, she made the process extremely easy.  My order arrived on time however, no assembly instructions.   The issue was quickly resolved with one phone call to Customer Service who sent them via Email.  Assembly was quick (1 hour).  Included in the packaging were step-by-step preparation and cooking instructions which were helpful.

    Preparation:   A 65 pound pig (fully dressed) was used for my this occasion.  Using the Mojo Marinade (purchased separately from La Caja China) and the meat injector which came with the Roaster I injected the pig one day before cooking.  Prior to refrigeration I also rubbed the inside meat (not skin side) with the adobo seasoning (Also purchased separately from La Caja China).

    Cooking Time:   Allowed meat to reach room temperature (Approx 70 degrees).    Once inside the Roaster I used the recommended amount (18 pounds) of charcoal to start the cooking process ( Note;  I used and external thermometer to monitor meat temp and cooking time).

    I’ll have to admit I was suspect of La Caja China’s claims or advertisements of cooking  a full pig in four hours so I gave myself 6 hours to ensure meat was properly done before my party.

    To my surprise, the thermometer alarm went off in 3 ½ hours.  I opened the Roaster to double check meat temp using an instant read thermometer and it was nearly done to perfection.   Man it looked good!!

    3 ½ hours into cooking I only used 35 pounds of Charcoal (It was 93 degrees outside so maybe it helped with cooking time).  I did not need nearly as much charcoal as described in the instructions.   Because it was still early before the party I left pig in Roaster but took the hot coals off to slow the cooking process.

    45 minutes before party I flipped pig over (skin side up) and cut skin as instructed.  I re-added coals towards one end of Roaster where I set-up rotisserie to cook whole chickens.    After cooking chickens I peeked in the box to check crispiness of skin.  It was perfect!

    The meat was perfectly cooked, moist and the taste was awesome.  It was the hit of party!!   This roaster is great.  I can’t wait to try it with pork butts, venison, etc. 
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    Happy smoken.

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    Sounds excellent! I have always liked the La Caja China box!

    Now where's the photos!!!

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