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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by plj, Mar 1, 2012.

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    For years I've used sausage recipes from friends, relatives, internet posts - and modified them to suit me. They were all  pretty good.  Well, except for that one batch of breakfast sausage when I put in way too much sage, but thats another story.

    Then I got Rytek Kutas book a year or 2 ago and immediately made his kielbasa and frankfurters. I was convinced, Rytek Kutas is the king!  Since then we've made about a dozen of his recipes, several of them multiple times.

    Made 10 lbs of Italian Hot & 10 lbs of Brats tuesday.  First bite of a fresh brat tuesday night & my son says"Mmm, ddd shv hsh rshpp!"   Non-mouth-full-of-food translation:  "Dad! Save this recipe!"

    The brats were awesome, grilled on the weber, served on a steak roll with dijon mustard. Will by trying the italian tonight with spaghetti.

    Shrink wrapped & frozen Italian hot sausage, 100% pork butt because I ran out of venison and had too much pork:


    50/50 venison & pork butt Bratwurst with high temp pepper jack cheese added:

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    plj, morning..... It has to feel good to find a keeper recipe.... no more 2#'s at a time to taste test etc... grind up 20#'s, stuff, vac pac and freeze...  If the kids are happy, you have got a winner... congrats on the success...  Dave
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    I've made several kinds using Rytek's book.  Some I found to be a little bland (since he was selling to the masses, I'm sure) but were easily doctored to our tastes.  I just saved the modified recipe to use thereafter and you're right, it's good stuff.

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