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  1. Did a couple of butts the other night and used Jeff's rub for the first time. Tasted pretty darn good. Mixed up a batch of his sauce and wasnt that impressed...until now. 2 days later I tried it again and wow...

    Last night I did a rack of spare ribs using Jeff's rub recipe. I also for the first time tried the 3-2-1 method. I re-heated the ribs for dinner tonight cuz I didnt get them done until 10pm last night. Anyways... ribs were freakin great! Rub wonderful, cooked to perfection! On top of that, I poured some of my favorite sauce (Stubb's) and some of the sauce I made the other day of Jeff's recipe. Gotta say that Jeff's was a better taste with these ribs than the Stubbs was. I still want to tweak the sauce a bit to further please my taste, but I have to say the 2 recipes are keepers for sure. Thanks!

    Here's your Qview:

    all rubbed up and ready (bargain buy from Wally World already cut only $4.00)

    this is after being in the fridge until 5, then oven to warm them back up for 1/2 hour. Color looks a bit bland in the pic but you get the idea
  2. rbranstner

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    I agree I usually like my Q better the next day. I think some of it has to do with I get sick of the smoke smell after sitting out in it all day.
  3. allen

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    I bought Jeff's sauce and rub, I can change it to the way family members like it. Thank you Jeff for your trial and errors. Now I have containers of sauce and rubs for my side and hers. A big DEEP THANKS and thanks for your Forum[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Agreed. The rub recipe is one of the best. I don't use it every time I smoke, but mix it in from time to time for a little variety. It always comes out good. Good bark, good sweet and spicy flavor. It is a quality rub...
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    Great looking ribs there. I wish I had some for breakfast right now. Yes..Jeff's sauce is great. I always prepare the sauce several days in advance. I also keep some around in the refrigerator to use instead of ketchup.
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    Where do you get Jeff's rub and sauce at?
  7. Go to the very top of THIS page, in the right corner - blue and gold box! It's also a way to support the site and the recipies are printable/downloaded to your computer.

    or...do the 5-day eCourse and get a price break on them.
  8. Even my Orange-Wing Amazon Parrot loves her some good Q!!!

    Jeff's recipe on both the pulled pork and the sauce. Bird likes it too!


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    Great pics [​IMG]

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