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  1. OK, here it is If you have a Kroger check out Baby backs for under 2.00 Locally they were 1.88 but in the Atlanta area they were 1.99. Look for Boston Butts at under 1.50 per pound. Both great deals if you have a Kroger near by. Good smoking Jted
    OH by the way these are good till the 11 th..
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    I wonder if that pricing will be followed by Fry's which is owned by Krogers? 
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    I saw in the weekly flyer good till the 12th that BB ribs are $2.99/lb. at Kroger here in Peoria, IL.  Were these advertised sale prices?  It might be local sales.  I'll have to stop in before the 11th.  Schnucks had Boston Butts for $.89/lb. the other week. 

  4. Kurt, It looks like it may be local to regional as far as prices go . In central Va. they were 1.88 and in Atlanta they were 1.99. Both had the Boston butts for 1.49 or  1.50. I could not look any farther because the web site went down.  The sale usually runs Wednesday to Tuesday.

  5. Sarge, Kroger owns a lot of chains. They also own Harris Teeter in the south. As a side note last week The local Martins who is owned by Giant, I saw Prickly pears for sale . I have not seen them here before. If my father were alive he would have had a batch of BBQ sauce and jelly made.. Jted  
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    O.k.  Here the ads are Thursday through Wednesday.


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