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Discussion in 'Beef' started by wyatt, Jan 14, 2014.

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    OK. I am fairly sure I hit the outer limits of Heaven today, or the Center of the Universe however you may believe.

    I think I put out a pretty fair brisket and butt. BUT... I went to Kreuz today, and I will be hitting this place pretty regular now, when I get that way.

    I, like the majority, cook low n' slow. I understand Kreuz does the high heat. I read over some of the posts about this, and am going to try it, but now to my question. I rub with simple stuff, coarse salt, black and ceyenne pepper, go. Does anyone know if they brine or inject? The meat had a good salt taste throughout, which I like. I like beef, without sauce. I regret not asking if they would share any info, but I kinda got wrapped up in eyeballing the pits and things and ordering to much of everything, leading to being way to full, but... again, BBQ Heaven as far as I'm concerned. Who has the inside scoop? Not trying to look for "secrets", just technique. Appreciate it y'all...
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    I am no Kruez and I do not use Cayenne in my rub for brisket but here is what I did on my first whole packer and have not changed a thing since.

    Got a 12lber and based on past experiences with just doing flats, I know longer use a regular rub Just salt and pepper 50/50.  That bark becomes this nice salty bit of awesomeness, by itself it is salty but when that flat is sliced it is just awesome.

    Based on lots of questions asked I smoked it until about 165 and separated the point and the flat which was really easy at that point.  I put the flat back in the smoker after adding some more S&P in the area the point was connected and took her to 195.  I rested it in a cooler for two hours then sliced her into the best sandwiches I ever had and my father in-law ruined by putting ketchup on it.   

    When the point was removed from the flat I chopped into one inch cubes, sauced it, sprinkled with rub and put it back in the smoker for another almost two hours with occasional stirring and adding of rub.  

    I will always do it the same  way from now on because I can't ask for anything better in my opinion.  My guests were WOWed by the burnt ends and loved the brisket sammies also.

    Total smoke time was about 21 hours at 235-245 in my MES using the AMZNPS with a fully tray of Pitmasters choice.
  3. Wyatt, good morning, you are in luck, this months Texas Monthly Magazine has a big article on Roy Perez , Kreuz  pit master, I am about 99.9% sure all he does is rub, than on the pit. You can probably pull that article up online. Hope this helps.

  4. Yup, just punch up, and there is all KInds of interesting interviews with the masters of 'Q- Great reading, and it's free!!!
  5. I am doing Brisket and Ribs tomorrow,   16# brisket, 2 baby back, 2 St. Louis.


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