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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by buzzy, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. buzzy

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    Looking for advice on Kosher salt. Getting ready to make some fresh sausage and I'm almost out of Morton Kosher Salt but have plenty of Diamond Crystal. I notice a big difference in the grain sizes (Diamond alot bigger) Do I need to use more Diamond to get same consistence & if so how much more per 5# do I use???

    THANKS to all in advance!! 
  2. daveomak

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    Use a scale and weigh what would be the correct amount.... If you don't have one..... time to get one or your recipes will suffer.....

    This scale will weigh up to about 1/4 pound and is good for weighing cure also.....

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  3. I bought that same scale, based on Dave's recomendations.  I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but plan to this weekend.


  4. buzzy

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     Yea I would get a scale but every recipe I have is measured in volume.

      I found info stating to multiply by 1.6 to 1.85 plus 1/2 c. Mortons = 1 c. Diamond. (big difference)  Looking for first hand experience on this because of making a 50# batch & wouldn't want to have to throw out or choke down 50# of salty sausage. Guess I could make a trial run.
  5. boykjo

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    Dave has ya covered using the diamond.... Definitely do the trial run if using the diamond or get some more Morton's and use the diamond for other purposes

    My 2 vents
  6. I agree with the above. Salt is cheap and you don't want to have 50 LBS of crap the dog won't eat. Weighing is a much better way to go so you can do it again if you like it or adjust to make it better the next time.

    Happy smoken.

  7. dls1

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    By volume, 1 cup of Morton's KS ways 8.76 ounces. By the same volume, Diamond Crystal KS weighs 6.36 ounces. Simply adjust for the volume of salt called for in your recipe, and reduce the amount of DC by approximately 27.4%.
  8. buzzy

    buzzy Smoke Blower

    Sure u don't mean multiply the DC by 27.4% with it weighing less
  9. dls1

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    You're correct. DC is the primary Kosher salt I use so I'm used to reducing when I'm stuck with Morton's. Posted that in haste without thinking, and when I realized the error, I found that my edit function for posts no longer functions. I was about to post a new reply when I saw yours.

    Good luck.
  10. daveomak

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    Morton's KS at 8.76 and DC KS at 6.36.... If using Morton's and switch to DC you need 138% DC by volume to = Morton's.....
  11. buzzy

    buzzy Smoke Blower

    WOW!! I'm really confused now except for the fact that I MUST get a scale.

    More info I found states in grams:     Morton     Diamond     +%    These are 1 cup measurments????

                                                            218           142        154%

                                                            227           156        145%

    dls 1 wondered if your measurements are what u weighted out yourself? 

    I'm kind of glad this problem came about because it is a real eye opener. I'm suprise because I use alot of recipes out of Great Sausage recipes book.& the are all in volume even though he says all recipes are based on granulate salt. Doesn't seem like alot of difference in the granulated & coarse Mortons on the small batches. Never followed a 25# recipe or did any dry or semi dry sausages.
  12. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    European recipes measure by weight. I don't know about UK.

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