Know a Sand Blaster Near the Atlanta Suburbs?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by joeyprice, May 14, 2015.

  1. I am a total noob putting together the parts for a UDS, and I would rather pay somebody than crawl inside a barrel and sand and grind for hours on end.

    Does anybody know a place that will sand-blast the barrel for me? I'm in the burbs north of Atlanta - East Cobb to be precise.


  2. Call up a few auto repair places.  Find one that can do frames and you'll find one that can do what you are wanting done.
  3. nanooks21

    nanooks21 Newbie

    Joey- I'm in marietta. I didn't go the sandblasting route but did the legwork. Eco clean in austell said they could get it done.

    Did you find a sandblaster in marietta/roswell?
  4. Just looking on CL Atlanta. Saw an unlined drum, removable top for $15. Search smoker. Updated 2 days ago in Woodstock.
  5. nanooks21

    nanooks21 Newbie

    That's where I got my barrel, and they were unlined. But I had to buy a lined lid.

    That guy in Woodstock has a pretty big operation actually.

    Had my first burn last week and as soon as I get the lid clean I will enjoy some food on it.


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