Klose Smoker rebuild finished

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  1. Completed the final steps of finishing up the rebuild of the used Klose smoker I got 2 weeks ago.

    How I bought it

    After sanding and installing River County thermometers.

    Drilling the holes for the thermometers was a little bit more difficult than I imagined. Took about 30 mins. As members advised. Started off with a small pilot hole. Using smaller drill bits. No issues with the smaller holes. Used seseme cooking oil to drill. Because didn't want bad oil to get in smoking chamber. Everything went find until I put in the 13/16 bit. While drilling it was so difficult. Lost control of drill and almost broke my wrist.
    Attached the side grip for the corded drill and things went alot easier. By the times I was done. Face was covered in sweat. Being kind of curious. Stuck my finger in the newly bored hole. And got a big metal splinter in finger. Ha ha. All things considered. Could have been worse. First smoke will be tomorrow.
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    Nice job!

    Can't wait to see it in action!


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